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Tiny Freak Goes Ninja

Still forty-six years old. Still getting more ninja-esque all the time.

Link to my last log:

The Kimba basics:

  • I’m 5’4.5" and 111 lbs or so. I am not that tiny, nor super-freakish but I like the name.

  • Nothing focuses my attention as much as getting under a heavy bar. The ultimate cure for monkey mind.

  • I don’t do weight loss or fat loss here: my goal is maintenance.

  • My cardio is bicycling in the good weather, and downhill skiing and XC ski-skating when there is snow. I recently took up running but a knee injury has forced me to take that slowly. I hate slowly.

  • My goal is to lift heavier things, but in a rational, sustainable, injury-free way.

  • I ran a pretty strict 5/3/1 from January 2010 to December 2010. I am still doing 5/3/1 for my bench press and military press. But for my squat and deadlift, I am working out some form issues before putting those lifts back on the program.

  • Although I am used to and accept being the Kimba Freak Show in my weight room, it would be real lonely for me without the PW compound of women and the men who frequent the place.

  • Being here has improved my squat and deadlift form exponentially. I like posting videos and getting your ideas for improvement.

  • Specifically I want:

a 1.5 x bodyweight back squat (170 lbs.)
a 2 x bodyweight sumo deadlift (225 lbs.)
a 1 x bodyweight bench press (110 lbs. – I’m rounding this down cause this is my suckiest lift)
an 85 lb. military press
40 bodyweight dips
10 pullups

I don’t get newbie gains anymore, having started training in July 2008. In fact, I make strength gains incredibly slowly, but I’m OK with that and celebrate every tiny PR.

  • My PRs as of today are:
    Back squat - 130 lbs for 1 rep with horrible knee cave
    Sumo deadlift - 185 lbs for 1 rep
    Bench press - 95 lbs for 1 rep
    Military press - 60 lbs for 2 reps
    Dips - BW 1 x 35, +35 lbs, 1 rep
    Chinups - BW 1 x 10

Thanks for stopping by.

I love the name of the new log!

Can’t wait to see you smashing some of those goals. You’re really close on some of them already.

Ninja Kimba FTW!

Gotz to have that smile Momma MILF. You already know what I think of your dips/pull-ups. But I see you making good gains on your other lifts.


Love the new log title :slight_smile:

Ms. Kimba, you rock! You’re always an inspiration to me, as well as endlessly insightful and wickedly entertaining. Can’t wait to see what sort of badassery you bring this time around.

Keep killing it, mama!

I’m reserving my seat here to watch you go ninja!

Hey Ninja girl! I Love the new pic up there. I could seriously raid your closet with those little shorts!

As for 46 - I hope to be doing just what you are doing 5 years, then 15 years from now.

AAAHHH! Love the new log title =)

You’re awesome Kim, love both the pics <3

veggie, you are an inspiration to me in smashing my goals.

Print, I do believe that is the first time I’ve ever been called a MILF. Nice.

Maschy, just following along in your bad-ass wake.

LS, uh-oh. Now I have to deliver on my ninja promises!

PP, those are my brand-new little shorts to celebrate warm weather training. Had to snip the tags off for the picture. You’d rock 'em, no doubt.

Today’s training was C25K, Week 3/Day 2. One more day of measly 3 minute runs x 2 and 90 sec. runs x 2. Then, mirabile dictu, I will be allowed to run a whole 5 minutes! Every day I run, I cross my fingers and hope that my knee won’t hurt. So far, hope has been rewarded.

New log.

Unless you’re hiding something (or someone), you’re not a MILF.

New log! Glad that knee is holding up. Looking forward to following your journey to ninja status.

Does the “ninja” mean you will start fighting??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

LOVE the new log title. LOVE!

Hey there…

Came over to do my happy dance on those PRs back there…WTG!!! cabbage patch

I giggle when you complain at how bored you are with the c25k program…I think it’s challenging enough for non-cardio background :slight_smile:

woo hoo… ninja powah!!!

if that’s not tiny than i don’t know what is.

New log? alright. Lets get this party started off right.

I think you need a squat video with a mask.

love the new title- cant wait to see you tear it up

i love you, but you’re fucking tiny.

if i didn’t like you so much, i’d offer you 5 sammiches and a gallon of milk. or some cereal with ice cold milk… :wink:

i has my seat.

nice shorts :slight_smile:

Lookin’ good Kimba - I guarantee you that Print wasn’t the first to call you a MILF, just the first one you heard.

It’s good to see you have outlined specific goals (something I should probably try). With the way you work, I have no doubt you’ll reach them.

Great log title too - now if we could just get you to pose in that ninja outfit…

[quote]ManfromMass wrote:

Great log title too - now if we could just get you to pose in that ninja outfit…[/quote]

This was my thought, too.