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Tiny Freak: A New Start


Hi. I'm Kimba.

Age: 47
Weight: 111.5 lbs.
Height: 5' 4.5"
Training since: July 2008

The deadlift is my best lift, and my biggest accomplishment to date was pulling 200 lbs. My squat suffers from terminal knee cave. I continue to struggle with it. I make snail-like but steady progress on my bench press and military press.

I like to run and bicycle and ski. The running especially shows up in the log quite often.


Ooh, am I first to post in the new log? Lovely back definition in that photo.


Oh there you are Kimba! I was just going to ask. Yay new log!


YAY Kimba! My continual source for inspiration.

The recurring theme in PW seems to be that we WANT IT ALL dammit, and it ALL WE SHALL HAVE.


Hey, Cal and Spider and lula!

So, yeah. This log begins several weeks after my last log ended. The reason: I've been quite sick with bronchitis. Sick as in lay-on-the-couch-and-watch-Food TV sick. Too sick to train with any intensity, too sick to run at all. Four weeks of abject misery, the lowlight of which was passing out after using my inhaler (incorrectly, I surmised....less holding your breath por favor). I entertained myself by buying stuff on-line and re-learning how to polish my fingernails. Apparently I'm easily entertained.

I didn't want to start a log with weeks of downer posts, so I spared you all. Thank me later.

Mostly I did go to the gym on my normal days, but just did light, easy trainings. It kept me from killing myself or others. I kept up with my upper body lifts on the 5/3/1 "not doing jack-shit" plan, so that's something.

My endurance is still crap, though. I ran a mile on Saturday, painfully slowly, and that was all I could do. My BBB set on Sunday's military presses was cut short after three sets because I was too beat to do the last two. The next few weeks will be a slow return to normal, I hope. That's OK: I'm practicing gratitude for what I can do instead of railing against what I can't.


It's a work in progress for me. But you always set such a stellar example.


Yay! 3st!

In on dis looking Smokin lean sexy mama. Damn!


yay new log.

looking tiny and mighty


Hi Kimba!!
Glad your back and feeling better!


Hi kmc and Betty! Thanks for stopping by.

Yesterday's training was an attempt to get back on the road. I ran a bit under 1.5 miles at a 10:30 min/mile pace. The good news is that I wasn't wiped out and exhausted afterwards even though I ran longer and a bit faster. I felt better during the run than I did on Saturday's attempt. Also didn't cough much, if at all, which is a major victory.

This whole sickness experience has certainly made me much more sympathetic to those folks with asthma. If your breathing is fucked up, EVERYTHING goes straight to hell.


Oops...missed Hallowed and Snap! Ladies thanks for the kind words.


Very well said! I will put this a mental post-it note inside my brain so I never forget how important this concept is!


You are a ninja.
Maybe your log title should be "Tiny Ninja goes Freak"


Here for the awesomeness!


NEW LOG!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ninja logs are the bestest. Glad to hear your done kicking this bug K.


Looking forward to seeing lots of PR's in here.


I'm feeling closer to normal in the weight room, but am still easing back into things.

GMs (narrow stance)
Bar 1 x 5
65# 1 x 5
75# 1 x 5
85# 1 x 5
95# 1 x 5

Sumo Deadlifts (from one step)
135# 1 x 5
belt on:
155# 1 x 5
175# 1 x 5
185# 1 x 3

Although not from the floor, this was the most I've pulled since before I got sick. Last time I tried to deadlift, 145 lbs. from the floor wore me out. Although I stopped to rest between sets, I did not feel exhausted. YAY!

52.5# 3 x 10

Cable hip ad/abductions
7.5# + plate 1 x 10

Slowly coming back to baseline.


Happy to hear things are coming back! That must feel so good!

Also, your arms look ridiculous! You sure didn't lose any of the definition in your time off.


Bronchitis is the devil.
Glad to see that you are starting to get back to normal.