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Tinnitus After Cycle

Anyone experienced tinnitus after AAS withdrawal?

It’s impossible to sleep with this fucking shit, have to mask the noise with a fan in the background. Been going on for 16 months now.

I’ve never heard of it being caused by any type of drug use. How old are you? I have Tinnitus, but so did both my grandfathers, plus I ruptured an ear drum in my 20s and spent a lot of time around loud music, machinery, guns. I sleep with white noise as well, helps a lot.

I’d go to an ENT and get it checked, see if there’s any damage to the ear. Did you have high BP on cycle?

I’m 23 years old. I read a study which showed correlation between low levels of GABA and tinnitus… I believe I had high bloodpressure yes, had heart palpations at the end of cycle but never did any bloodwork while on. It’s a weird kind of noise feels like it’s coming internally from the skull? I’m going to book an appointment for next week.

Maybe cranking the headphones too high in the gym?

I don’t think so? I haven’t worked out in an entire year. Just recently started working out at home. I don’t really listen to much music besides when working out. I have a strong feeling this is related to neurosteroids. Will update after ENT appoitment.

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