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Tingling/Warm Legs Followed by Extreme Soreness on New Daily Protocol

As some of you may know about a week ago I started a 10mg daily protocol and the last couple of days I’ve noticed erections are slightly harder on and off like never before, but today I noticed my legs feeling very warm below the knee cap and later I notice the all my legs muscles are extremely sore and the warm feeling has all but stopped.

I’m almost to the point of having restless leg syndrome, I feel fine mentally although slights slight headaches later in the day, I actually lost 7 pounds and am not sweating much or do not feel bloated. A1C went from 7.3->6.3 in 6 weeks on new diet.

I experience a very warm feeling in my legs and now it’s turned into extremely sore muscles, I noticed over the weekend legs and feet felt colder than the rest of my body and now it’s as if legs and feet are warming up to match the rest of my body.

I’m only a week into 10mg everyday and already platelets are high normal, legs are NOT swollen, what am I feeling?

ER Labs
HCT = 47.5
HGB = 16.2
RBC = 5.61
Platelets = 357 (130-400x1000/mcl)

Hi systemlord, definitely not an expert, as you know. I’ve experienced this restless leg sensation when starting a new protocol or during withdrawal. It feels like “liquid heat,” that’s the only way I can describe it. I usually get really uncomfortable sensations in my hamstrings and calves as well.

Did you ever experience pulsation sensastion in legs? I could see the pulse at the knee on both legs, I showed the video to the ER doctor and he wasn’t alarmed.

“Liquid heat", perfect explanation.

I didn’t have any pulsation that I remember, visual or sensed. Just a flushing of “moist” heat sweeping through my legs, especially the backs of them.

Are you tensing strongly during the warm episodes? Any rushes of adrenaline?

Edit: Now that I recall I would get really sore in my hips and glutes after these episodes.

No tensing, I had anxiety, lightheadedness and weakness. No soreness in hips or glutes.

Electrolytes all normal.

I was willing to bet you were having anxiety, that’s why I asked about the adrenaline. I think what you’re experiencing is similar to what I experience when my body is pumping out adrenaline due to hormone changes.

Even if my anxiety is not pronounced I’ll get this uncomfortable leg feeling, like I have to move them. I also get leg weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

Try foam rolling them and some dynamic stretching.

How’s heart rate?

itching after hot shower? Or extremity itching?

Why do you mention the itching? I get itchy occasionally especially my ear

Itching after hot shower or in the extremities is one of the signs of high H/H.

What’s H/h


Ok. I don’t think that’s an issue for me.
Actually took a shit load of labs Monday. Will post later or tomorrow.
1 being dht which I never took before. Could be for system since he just changed dose

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Rash and raised welts on legs that disappear and reappear in other locations, over the weekend it felt as if I was being stung by wasps in legs, I would look down at the area and see a red mark only to disappear the next day.

Sounds almost like an allergic reaction.

Has your H/H gone up considerably?

H/H has gone down, my previous protocol had HCT at 50%, platelets were lower than they are now.

Is it dry skin? Are you still taking the armidex?

No more anastrozole, haven’t taken any for awhile and don’t plan on it, unless in an emergency situation. I have zero ache.

Stopped the fish oil. Looking at past results platelets has never been as high as it is now.

Recall everything you ate/drank including supps too see if it’s something you are allergic. Esp new food or supps. And any new detergent or fabric softener. If went outside past day anything you encountered in environment? Bugs? Plants?

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All symptoms coincide 8-12 hours after injection, which is a normal trend when starting a new protocol for me. I have had this liquid burning sensation before and it subsided once a stable state was reached 6 weeks later.

Whatever this burning sensation is, it’s related to my peaks and valleys after starting a new protocol.

Allergies to avocado, just started eating spinach.

That rash looks like something I get when I play with dogs sometimes. It stings and itches, I believe it’s an allergic reaction.