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Tingling In My Foot During Squats

the other day i was squatting (doin a 5x5) and i felt a tingle in the bottom of my right foot that persisted for the first 3 sets, but on the last couple of sets it seemed to go away. I’m a little worried because i asked my friend and he told me that tingling normally means nerve damage. anybody know what might be going on?

I’m not a doctor and this is probably a stretch, but a couple years ago when i was running a lot (do you run alot?) i started losing the arch in my feet and during a 5 mile run both of my feet started to tingle and eventually went completely numb. what fixed me was as simple as rolling the bottom of my feet on a tennis ball, pressing hard.

No clue if your thing is the same, but couldn’t hurt to try rolling your feet on a ball or a water bottle to see if it helps.

I wouldn’t be so fast with the nerve “damage” thing. I would say that it may be a nerve impingement.

Try a dynamic hamstring stretch, static primiformis stretch, calf stretch, hip/glute stretch and see if it happens again.

i used to run track a few years ago but i dont run at all anymore