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It happens.

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Weight starting to trend up again and waist starting to increase.

Been “eating like an asshole” lately per Wendler’s words. Need to refocus and get back to “eating like an adult” per Dan John’s words.

Last Friday 4/28/23 (205.5) @ 0500: Walrus style workout (WV20)
A1) Chins: 10+6+6+8+8+6+7+7+6+6 = 70
A2) Pushups: 20+12+12+16+16+12+14+14+12+12 = 140
A3) Airdyne: 10 x .20mi = 2mi

PM WORKOUT @ 1700: 135lb sandbag to shoulder Grace workout: 30 reps done in 10:37

4/29/23 (206.9) @ 0330: Krytpeia style workout
A1) TBDL: 135x5 - 200x5 - 230x5 - 255x5 - 285x5 - 230x5x5
A2a) KB CS Row: 40x5x12
A2b) KB Inc: 40x5x12

4/30/23 (208.5) @ 0530: Did not want to do anything so decided on minimum Walrus style workout for 20:00 (WV20)
A1) Chins: 12x5
A2) Pushups: 12x10
A3) Lunges: 12x10(5ea leg)

5/1/23 (208.5) @ 0530: Krypteia
A1) Band Pullaparts: 4x25
A2) Swiss Bar Bench Warmups: Bar x 2x5, 95x5
B1) Swiss Bar Bench: 110x5 - 135x5 - 155x5 - 165x5 -185x12 - 155x5x5
B2a) Short Axle Bar SGDL Row: 135x5x10
B2b) Zercher: 135x5x10

Hearty breakfast of eggs, avocado, meat, and an orange.

*I mentioned this at the begining of my log but wanted to mention it again that my bar weights are probably all about 10-20lbs less than listed due to using shorter axle which I think weights maybe 15-20lbs and the swiss bar weights 30? I just use 45 for all my bars just to keep the math easier for me in my head.

Hope everyone has a good day.


5/1: PM Walk - 3.93mi

5/2/23 (205.3) @ 0503 - WALRUS (WV20) - Finished in 29:50
A1) Chins: 10+6+10+6+9+6+8+6+8+6 = 75(PR)
A2) Lunges: 10x10 = 100 (50ea leg)
A3) Pushups: 12+20+12+20+12+17+12+17+12+15 = 149(PR)
A4) Cossack Squats: 10x10 = 100 (50ea side)

Gonna try and do my walrus in this style to see if that will help my progression… basically first set will be max effort for chins, min reps for pushups, then min reps for chins, max effort for pushups. Will do this until I can get 10/20 for chins/pushups and then start aiming for 10/20 across the board.

As evidenced by the 3lb weight drop, nutrition was on point yesterday.

So far so good today. Eggs/avocado/meat/orange for bfast. Will do my walk in about 15 mins and then sometime after I’ll eat 2 string cheeses and an apple.

Dinner will be tacos - I use a pound of 80/20 ground beef and then also 2 cups of egg whites in there just to give it more volume/protein. I’ll probably eat about 80% of that and my wife will eat the rest. Kids will get chicken nuggets. Again. Maybe one day they’ll want something different.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.


5/2/23: PM Walk - 3.93mi

5/3/23: (204.9) @ 0443 - Valley of Darkness (a @T3hPwnisher bad idea inspired workout)
A1) SB Right Shoulder Squat: 20-18-16-14-12
A2) “1/2 Keg” Burpee Ground to OH: 4x5
A3) SB Right Shoulder Squat: 1-3-5-7-9
A4) “1/2 Keg” Burpee Ground to OH: 4x5
A5) SB Left Shoulder Squat: 19-17-15-13-11
A6) “1/2 Keg” Burpee Ground to OH: 3x5
A7) SB Left Shoulder Squat: 2-4-6-8-10
A8) “1/2 Keg” Burpee Ground to OH: 3x5

On my A6 fourth set of “1/2 Keg” Burpee Ground to OH, I couldn’t lift the thing anymore so I changed it up to Double KettleBell (40lb each) Devil Press? Whatever those burpees to OH are called. Finished with 6x5 of those.

Workout took 58:57.

Too much resting in between exercises but I was too busy hating myself and convincing myself not to quit. At least, I now have a baseline to work with.

Still muttering profanities in my head at Pwn for his bad ideas.

Nutrition on point. Hearty breakfast of eggs, avocado, meat, and an orange. Trying to experiment a little bit to find the sweet spot… mostly around lunch time but I’ll figure something out.

The black bag is the sandbag I used for the squats - about 100lbs
The duct tape wrapped contraption is the “1/2 keg” that I used for the ground oh - about 99 lbs
The green bag is what I use for “stone shoulders” - about 135lbs

My son was coughing all night so it wasn’t a good night of sleep for me. Coupled with that workout, I am exhausted now. Looking for those fake eyes so I can put them on while taking a nap at work.

Have a good day.


Love it! Fantastic work dude!

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5/3/23: Lunch Walk - 3.93mi
5/3/23: PM - Stone(135lb) to Shoulders GRACE: 30 reps in 10:37

5/4/23:(202) No workout - slept through my alarms.
Wife and kids stayed at her mom’s last night so I went out with friends for the Sixers game. Downed a shake before I left and had a few drinks and picked at some french fries here and there. Nothing crazy. Was happy with that. Nutrition on point other than that.

Have a nice day!


5/4/23: Lunch Walk - 2.5mi

5/5/23: (203.9) Krypteia Style
A1) Band Pullaparts: 4x25
A2) TBDL: Bar x 5 - Bar x 5 - 135x5
B1) TBDL: 155x5 - 175x5 - 205x5 - 225x5 - 250x12 - 205x5x5
B2a) KB CS Row: 40x5x12
B2b) KB Inc: 40x5x12

Nutrition on point yesterday: Shakes most of the day, taco meat at night.


5/6/23: (206.6) Walrus 0403
Chins: 10+6+10+6+9+6+9+6+8+6 = 76(PR)
Bike: 10x.20mi
PU: 12+20+12+20+12+20+12+20+12+20 = 160(PR)
Lunges: 10x10

5/10/23 (207.2) 0517
Burpees: 9+9+9+8+9+8+8+9+8+8+8+8+8
Stone Shoulders: 3+3+3+3+2+2+2+2
Keg GOH: 5+5+5+5+4+4+4+4


5/10: Lunch Walk - 3.9mi

5/11(207.2) - 0520
Turned off my alarm to go back to sleep. Couldn’t fall asleep so made myself get out of bed and downstairs.

A1) BTN: 135x2-2-2-2-4
A2) SGDL: 135x8-8-8-8-8
A3) PRESS: 135x4-4-4-4-6
A4) Zercher w/ shrug: 135x10-10-10-10-10


5/11: Lunch Walk - 3.9mi

5/12 (207.1) - 0510

A1) TBDL: 135x5 - 175x5 - 215x5 - 255x5 - 285x5 - 215x5x5
A2a) KB ROW: 40x12-12-12-12-12
A2b) KB Inc: 40x12-12-12-12-12

TBDLs felt strong. Rows/Incs were smooth. Think I’m going to bump up to 14 reps next workout. I don’t have any other KBs other than the 40s so for now, reps are the way to go.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to get the 1" diameter standard plates for a decent price, can you let me know? Looking to get them for the dumbbells I have.



Sometimes facebook marketplace has some bargains. I have found some really good deals on there. Of course you have to weed out the bullshit. Donation thrift stores are another.

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Thanks. I’ve been checking FB marketplace. I’m a little nervous about buying from there but if I see something worth it, I’ll probably give it a shot.

I never buy from the “companies” advertising in there. Only local individuals.

Been busy lately but still keeping up with the am workouts. Mostly chins/pushups/TBDL with some “stone” shoulders and “keg” GOH.

Nutrition has been inconsistent. Weekly weight has been fluctuating between 205-208. Would like to be consistently around 200-205 but I’m not too worried. I just need to find something high protein/low fat that I can quick chomp on for lunch. I think I am going to attempt to bake a carton of liquid egg whites in the oven and then portion them out for the week to eat cold at work. Has anyone ever done anything similar to this?

Went to an indoor waterpark last Thur/Fri and was on cloud 9 because some guy stopped me in my tracks on Friday and asked if I was ex-Military or something because I was jacked.

Hope everyone’s doing well. I see the end of the Transformation challenge is coming up. Props to everyone who participated and I hope you all keep it up.


5/24: Lunch Walk - 3.9mi
5/25: (203.8) Circuit as follows: done in 26:38
A1) Fake Airdyne: 10x.15mi
A2) “Stone” Shoulders: 10x2
A3) Fake Airdyne: 10x.15mi
A4) “Keg” GOH: 10x2


5/25: Lunch Walk - 3.9mi
5/26: (203.4) Krypteia style: done in 31:23
A1) Chins: 10+6+10+6+10+8+6+8+6 = 76
A2) TBDL: Sets of 5 - 135-205-230-260-290-230x5
A3) PU: 20+12+20+12+20+12+16+12+16+12 = 152


I make this recipe quite frequently! It works and tastes great!

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Thank you!!! Will try that out this week!!

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Memorial Day Weekend recap: Ate a lot. Walked a lot. Did 2 Murphs on the same day. Ate a lot more. Played a lot.

Had a good weekend. Hope everyone else did too!