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So I’m going to start a log doing Pervertor 5/3/1. My goal is to just stick with this program for 3 cycles. I’m a big program hopper and just want to try and stick with one program and see if it does anything for me. Hopefully, putting my log on this site will help keep me accountable. Stats for me are 37yo, 6’-1", 218 lbs. Basketball season started and I ref so that’s pretty much my hard cardio. I’ll be doing 2 games a week for the next 6 weeks. There won’t be a lot of variety since I lift in my basement and don’t have much space to work with. I’ll be using a SSB bar for squats, high handle trap bar for deads, and an angled football bar for lo incline/hi incline (not enough height for standing ohp and I just prefer hi incline over seated ohp). Also I use 45 lbs as my generic number for all the bars just to make the math easier for me. SSB bar is between 45-65lbs? Trap bar is between 25-45lbs? Swiss bar is probably 25lbs? Using my 10RM for each lift as my starting TM. First session was at 4:00 am.

Standing ab wheel - 1x5 (still working on getting to full extension on these)
150x10x5 - every 1:30
Standing ab wheel - 1x5
WV Circuit - 20lb WV EMOM
Chins on football bar - 5x5
Pushups - 5x10
Squat - 5x15
Standing ab wheel - 1x5
Curls w/ football bar - 95x23/8/6 (using 350 method here)
Standing ab wheel - 1x5
Neck flexion - 25x13

Gonna try like heck to keep this up.

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Did a 2 mile walk at lunch yesterday.

4:00 am Active Recovery:
5x10 Lunges (5 per leg)
5x5 Invert Rows w/ hold at top
5x10 Hurdle unders (5 per side)
5x5 Pushups
100reps Neck Extension - 5lbs
100reps band pullaparts
100reps Neck flex - 5lbs
100 reps plate raise - 10lbs

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1/20/21-4:00 am

Low Incline
135x10x5 ss w/ band pullaparts

Kirks - 135x18-26-33-40-47-53
Lunges - 200
Neck Flexion - 25x13

1/22/21 - 4:00 am


Curls - 95x26-35-43
Neck Flex - 25x17-25-30
Using 350 method for above… work set, 60s rest…I count 1 to 26, 27 to 35, 36 to 43 fyi.

4:00am :flushed:

Any particular reason why you work out at that time? Just curious, I’ve never been able to sustain those early workouts for any length of time but did get a kick out of waking up and completing a workout before anyone else even rises.

Was reading through the assistance parts and was going to ask why you keep building up more and more reps each set but that makes sense now based on your counting method.

Have a 1-1/2 year old at home who loves waking up between 5/6 am. Wife does classes at a gym at 5:30. Only time for me to lift is either 4 am or 7:30ish pm after the little one goes to bed. AM workout is just better for me. I will say I do go to bed between 8/9 so there is a sacrifice there. But I’d rather workout than watch TV all night.

Haha, thought it would be smart to clarify my counting method.

1/24/21 - 11:30am

Reffed two HS basketball games back to back on Saturday afternoon. Watched a Statham movie on Saturday night. Wasn’t concerned with getting in the early workout on Sunday or even working out at all. Put the kid down for a nap at 11ish. Looked at the Forever book and it got me itching to go downstairs and lift.

High Incline
band pullaparts in between
Chins - 10-7-5-5-5
Sandbag Pickups (100lb) - 10-7-5-5-5… I taped together 2-50lb sandbags so that it resembles somewhat of an atlas stone. It’s about 18’ high and I just pick it up and put it down.
Neck Flex-25x13… did something in my mid back/trap while doing these. Might just nix these on workout days and just stick with the 100 reps on off days/active recovery days.

Stayed up to watch some more of the game last night.

Recovery workout this am was more sleep.

Was going to upload my starting photo. Not sure how it’s done. I have it as a jpeg file. But when I click upload, it just has the link, not the photo? Any help?

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Weight is 217.3 here.
Age is 36 (37 in Feb.)
I guess this is considered a T-Ransformation post as well.

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1/26/21 - 4:00 am - Pervertor Leader 1, Week 2-85%
140x5x10 (60-90s rest)
A1) Chins-BWx10-8-5-5-5
A2) Pushups-BWx20-16-10-8-8
(took about 30-45s rest between exercises)

1/28/21 - 4:00 am - Pervertor Leader 1, Week 2-85%
Low Inc
Rows 135x5x10 ss w/ bbb sets
Gorilla Squat Thrust Burpee - 75 in 5:00

Hey man, for the transformation, make sure to post to the transformation thread in the BSL section with your photo and stuff

I just finished up pervertor a few weeks ago and loved it, I’ll be following along

Thanks for the heads up.

Just saw your log and now am following it myself.

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1/29/21 - 4:00 am BW workout
Chins - 5x5
Sandbag - 5x5
Pushups - 5x10

Last night did 5lbx100reps neck harness and neck flexion and 100 band pullaparts.

2/1/2021 - 4:00am - Pervertor Leader 1, Week 2-85%
Hi Incline
Circuit - 8 rounds in 20:00
Chins-5 reps

Shoveled snow afterwards.


First off nice work in here man. Secondly, shoveling snow is my favorite cardio. When you work your ass off you generate enough heat to do it in a t-shirt and shorts. Really helps reinforce to your neighbors that you’re half-crazy.

I’m running through Pervertor myself and love it. Lot of work, but we all need that once in awhile.

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Yeah, I enjoy it when it happens and I get the cardio benefit of it. Don’t know if I would enjoy it if I had to do it every week though! I tried doing the Steve Justa shovel workout but I got bored after 2 or 3 times doing it.

Had to shovel again this am. Yesterday was about 6", today was about 12-16".

No workout this am. It’s still snowing so I’ll probably have to do a third round of shoveling when I get home.

Tomorrow begins my SSL week of Pervertor. Looking forward to it. My programming ADHD already has me thinking of different programing. I told myself I would do 2 Leaders and an anchor before I did anything else so I just need to keep my head on straight.

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You won’t regret it. IMO the anchor is the best part. 2nd leader had me second guessing my TMs but it all worked out, you got it man

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Damn, jealous of that snow! We just have about 3" here. I’m 2 days into my SSL week of my first Leader and hate my life. Squat was OK but bench is not a real technically sound lift for me. Brute forcing 85% of my TM for 5 x 5 is…well…not pleasant :grimacing:

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2/3/2021 - 4:00am - Pervertor Leader 1, Week 3-95%
205x5 (This was hard. Reps felt like they went up cleanly, but it was just hard. I’ll attribute that to the snow shoveling from the last 2 days)
185x5x5 (Sets 1&2 felt rough, 3&4 felt better, 5 was real smooth)
Superset SSL lift with swiss bar front raises - 5x10 (bar is about 25ish lbs)
Circuit - AMRAP in 10:00
A1-Chins - 6x5
A2-Pushups - 6x10
A3-Sandbag - 6x5
Neck Flexion - 25x20

2/5/21 - 12:45am (couldn’t sleep, may as well be productive) - Pervertor Leader 1, Week 3-95%
Lo Incline
Circuit - 15:00 AMRAP - 8 rounds done
Chins - 5
Pushups - 10
Sandbag - 5