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Timing 'Var Dose

how long before a workout would you take 50mg of anavar- its all in one dose so i cant split it- i was thinking maybe 2 hrs before i lift?

An hour or two hours before is fine. If you only plan on using 50mg/day I would figure out a way to split up that dose into at least two doses. Anavar’s half-life is relatively long-but I believe multiple doses to be more beneficial.

Get a pill cutter.

That’s fine if his Anavar is in pill form-but many UGLs will simply cap the powder.

I was assuming it was a cap - or else surely there wouldn’t be a thread.

If a cap pour out the contents and split into two.

ok thanks…ill give that a shot- so we are looking at what spacing? about 6 hrs?

Anything under 9 hours is fine - i’d go for 8 hours to get a fairly steady level throughout the waking day.

Is your anavar in caps or tabs? Just curious now as you didn’t mention.

my bad- its in caps…