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Timing the PCT. Is It Cookie Cutter?

I’ve come off my blast of test e with 5 shots in (250 each) I was pinning eod. the last shot was exactly 2 weeks ago but I still have decent libido and morning woods (still a LOT less then when I was on the blast) and I was wondering (as someone who only blast &cruised so far) is the 2 week rule on PCT a cookie cutter standard or do you guys go by the feeling? medical facilities are overrun so bloodwork is out of the question unfortunately.

The two week rule is bro science. You base your PCT timing off the half life of your compounds. Test E has a half life of 5-8 days depending on your source material. After two weeks you still have a significant presence of Test E in your blood. It takes a full 4 half lives for 93% clearance and 5 half lives is what the medical community considers full clearance (3% remaining). I would wait 4 half lives if it were me.



They have a company in which you send a blood sample in via mail, and you get your results online. Brandon Campbell has info on it on his youtube channel if interested. I just bought a testosterone only test (to verify my test is real for $50 after discounts). They seem to always have coupon codes. You can get one that tests TT, FT, SHBG, E2, Prolactin, and maybe one or two other things for $159 I think before discounts.

I agree 3 or 4 makes more sense. I don’t buy waiting more than 4 as the negatives from being basically castrated are high, and I don’t think you need 0 TT for recovery. If one was dosing 500 mg per week of Test E, the half life levels would be 250, 125, 62.5, 31.25, 15.6, 7.8… I would say most men are below natural levels at 62.5 mg, or 31.25 mg per week, and would start producing test even without Nolva especially at the latter level.

say if I were to drop to near castration levels,what would I notice?
terrible mood? no morning woods? not thinking about sex at all (even less then when I didn’t do any AAS)?

Pretty much. Your body will not be producing anything and you’ll have no exogenous test to speak of. This is why I always used a short ester or oral to bridge the clearance time into PCT. if you’ve got something like that then you could use it otherwise just wait it out. It’s pointless to start pct until it’s cleared. What PCT are you planning?