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Timing of Your Biggest Lifts


Do you follow any strategy in timing your biggest lifts?

One school of thought would be to do it at the beginning of the week, after giving your body a couple days of rest. You might have higher intensity that way.

However, I've been doing my hardest lifts at the end of the week, in order to capitalize on the rest over the weekend for muscle repair/growth.

Or you might argue it doesn't matter, since every workout should be max intensity.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else has thought about this.


Typically I just listen to my body. Some days the weights feel light and a max lift is called for. Other days you feel weak or tired and do the bare minimum.


Assuming everything's as it should be (sleeping well, eating well etc..), I always like to plan to do some serious 'damage' in the gym after a day off if I can schedule it.



By biggest lifts, I suppose you mean 1rm. I just throw them in when I feel great. 1rm won't directly help me with my size goals, but when I feel good I throw them into a workout and sometimes (rare) center my workout around it.


The only lift im interested in 1rm is deadlift. At the moment every 2-3 weeks. No specific strategy, i generally feel it.

But every workout im adding weight or adding reps.


I always push for a bigger lift everyday. It usually always happens on a day that everything just feels right.

I haved learned not to go crazy when its just not feeling "right." Everytime I ignored my body I hurt myself.


i walk in the gym

pound a redbull




then fux shit up


LMAO! I am a Redbull rep. I always pound like 2 sugarfree beforehand and lift shit like a monkey on crack.
Got two cases in the car right now. "It's my tackling fuel!" I say in my best Adam Sandler.


i havent had any caffiene today, i feel so out of it.


A red bull? 120millis? I think that's what they're calc'd out at. A good back day, to me, is powered by a steak and potato meal 2 hours beforehand and 600-800mg of caffeine anhydrous. I pound the pills down with a Rockstar blue. (Imma die when I'm 50) Then, it's WAR! Put on Disturbed's "Indestructible" and punch it to the Gold's. Gear up and let it rip! Ooh wee, thats tomorrow!!


Every Tuesday and every Thursday.