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Timing of Testosterone to Build Strength

I am on Testosterone replacement. Deficiency was uncovered by left orchiectomy for cancer. My test results are in SI (Metric) units as I live in Canada. My testosterone levels have varied a little but the most recent on Andriol capsules, 3 pills twice a day was 5 (normal = 8-35).

I am 5’ 11" and 170 lbs. I am a marathoner and planning for an ultra marathon in the mountains 77 miles long with 17,000 feet of elevation changes. I am most interested in maximizing strength and endurance benefits from my training and testosterone replacement.

I am now on Androgel 1%, 7.5 gms (6 pumps) / day. My question is this: Which will help with strength and endurance to get maximal benefit from my early morning exercise training - Take the testosterone all at once in the morning or half dose in morning and half dose in the evening? In addition, it looks like I was not absorbing Andriol well and so have been switched to Androgel 1%. In people’s experience, does this work better?


This did me a lot of good: