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Timing of Surge Recovery


I have a quick question regarding the timing of Surge Recovery.

I am getting ready to add Surge Workout Fuel into my supplement regime, but plan to continue to take the Surge Recovery PW.

Here’s my delima - I lift first thing in the morning. I lift heavy, and my session usually lasts about an hour. I follow this with about 10 minutes of abs/stretching, and then do 30 minutes of steady state cardio (think elliptical, treadmill, bike, stairclimber, rower - I mix it up).

So I plan to slam a scoop of Metabolic Drive at 4:30am immediately upon waking, and then start sipping on my Surge Workout fuel on my way to the gym (about 5:15). I’ll lift and continue to sip the Surge Workout Fuel from 5:30-6:30, then will do stretching/abs followed by 30 minutes of cardio from 6:45a - 7:15a.

My question is this:

Should I take the Surge Recovery after my lifting session but before my cardio session (during the 6:30-6:45 stretching window)? Would following this with 30 minutes of moderate cardio take away in any way from the benefits of the PWO drink?

Would it be better to take it after my cardio? I would think that it wouldn’t be as effective if taken a full 45 minutes after my lifting was completed . . .

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For the record, I’m also supplementing w/ Flameout, SuperFood, and will be adding L-Luecine in next week as well.

Goal is to build some more upper body size/stregnth without packing on the pounds too much. Not a “bulk cycle”, but trying to increase muscle size slowly over time without sacrificing my lean physique too much in the process.

Well, ideally you’d want it right after. But also, ideally, you’d want to split up the cardio and lifting. You could do one of two things.

  1. You take it upon finishing lifting and do the cardio. This would actually be fine when doing upper body but probably not a wise choice after heavy/high volume leg days

  2. You could have some protein/BCAA’s/Luecine after lifting, do cardio, and then have the shake.

The second option probably wouldn’t be that great due to timing, but it is what some bodybuilders preparing for contests will do if they can’t split up cardio and lifting.

Overall, it’s your daily total that’s really going to affect if you’re packing on too much fat.

I would go with Trenchant’s # 2 option. I think I read Shugart answering this question on the V-Diet forum. A poster asked if he should take Surge right after weight training and then do cardio, or do both weight training and NEPA cardio then drink Surge.

Shugart wrote that he should take the Surge Recovery after all exercises (weights and cardio). If you do cardio after drinking the Surge recovery, you are just using up the carbs in the Surge and it won’t be as effective. At least that’s what I think he wrote?

Someone asked this question in CT’s Destroying Fat discussion thread. He said to take Surge after both have been completed. Weights, then cardio, then Surge Recovery.

Awesome - thanks for the feedback all :slight_smile:

I’ll go straight from lifting to cardio, and then sip my PWO while I stretch and do some abs following cardio. This way I’ll be consuming it w/in about 35 minutes of when I finished lifting, so I should catch the tail end of “the window”.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get a schedule that will allow me to split it up . . . I can only hope!

Yea - It definitely makes no sense to take in a bunch of simple sugars, then attempt to burn fat.

Obviously the best answer is to take it after you’re done with everything…