Timing of Refeeds

I was just wondering what people’s opionions and the rationale of timing refeeds on a particular day. I used to have refeeds on a workout day, but I saw that in Mutation 3 CT had it on off days, can someone shed some light on this please?


Seeing as today is my newly employed cheat meal day, not really a refeed but has the same effect. I figured I would chime in on what i usually do.

I have my refeed days on a w/o day. But it is a lighter w/o day. It may help control the damage a bit, but I think it helps me more mentally than anything.

The larger factor in my oopinion is I also have the refeed day the day before a BIG w/o day. Like squat day or this time as an example again, I do deads tomarrow. The refeed leads to one hell of a performance the next time or even two that you hit the weights I find.

So I should have a GREAT w/o come morning. LOL

Hope that helps,

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