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Timing of Meals/Supps for My Training


Long time browser, first time poster (I think, can't remember posting before)

First the backstory:

I've been working out on an off for the last 5-6 years after dabbling with a few weights for the first time 10-12 years ago. I've recently started "taking it seriously" and over the last year have made significant gains while staying at the "athletic" end of a decent physique.

Now I'm looking at packing on some more muscle as a long term goal. Being an avid reader of Flex and other such magazines, I feel I have a good workout plan for the week and I've increased my weight on all exercises by a good amount. I've found a plan that works for me and I've switched it up often to keep my body guessing and improving.

My main improvement is diet, eating clean and often. I know I need to eat more and this is being addressed. My question for those of you with some experience is regarding the timing of meals and supplements around my workout. Currently my daily plan is something along these lines:

Wake at 6am: 1 scoop of whey with water, 2 BCAA tablets. 5g Arginine.

Get to work at 7am: 1 scoop of whey, 60g ground oats, 8g Glutamine, 500ml milk

9am: 1 full egg, 2 eggs whites, 2 wholemeal bread slices

11am: 125g brown basmati rice, tin of tuna. Vit C, E and Omega 3 tablets.

Snack: Pure Protein Bar (50g)

1:30pm: 125g brown basmati rice, tin of tuna

3:30pm: 5g Arginine, 3 BCAA tablets, Apple

3:45pm: Water with 1 scoop whey, 8g Glutamine, 2 small scoops Creatine, 1 small scoop Beta Alanine, 1 scoop Vitargo.

4:15pm: Train

5:15pm: 5g Arginine, 3 BCAA tablets

5:30pm: Water with 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop casein, 8g Glutamine, 2 small scoops Creatine, 1 small scoop Beta Alanine, 2 scoop Vitargo

7pm: Chicken breat, veg and sweet potato

9pm: 1 scoop casein, 5g Glutamine

10pm: Bed

So, can anyone see anything I should be doing differently? Anything to add / change around?

I'm training 6 days per week with one off, going to a 2 on 1 off in three weeks time to change it up a little.

Thanks in advance for any advice,



Too many supps, not enough food. You're making this more complicated than it needs to be, and probably spending way more money than necessary. BUT... let's consider how well it's working for you... How much improvement have you made on your lifts during this time?


I know I'm supp heavy, but I'm hoping that anything that will have a positive effect will help boost my gains. I'm working out for an hour a day, 6 days a week and don't mind paying a little extra if things will help benefit the hard work I put in. Being a non-smoker and only a special ocassion drinker I tell myself that being healthy saves money rather than anything else!

Back to your question, I've stepped up my game in the last few months. I've found a training partner for my Saturday and Sunday sessions who is pretty similar in build and lifting to me, so that's helped too. I keep a training log of each workout with weight and reps. Here's a sample of a heavy week 5 weeks ago and the same exercises for this week:

Monday 17th May (5 weeks ago) ----> Monday 21 June


Flat Dumbbell Press: 3x8 reps, 27kg then ----> 35kg now
Incline Dumbbell Press: 3x8 reps, 25kg then ----> 35kg now
Dumbbell Flyes, superset with machine flyes: 3x8+8, 15kg+30kg then ----> 20kg+35kg now
Barbell Bench Press: 7x8 reps, 70kg then ----> 87kg now


Pulley Machine Pushdowns: 3x8, 35kg then ----> 45kg now
Pulley Machine Overhead pushes: 3x8, 30kg then ----> 35kg now
EZ Bar Skullcrushers: 3x8, 25kg (elbows hurt quite a bit on this) then ----> 32kg now
Close Grip benches: 7x8 reps, 50kg then ----> 65kg, dropping to 60kg by about 5th set now

Tuesday 18th May (5 weeks ago) ----> Tuesday 22nd June


Underhand, shoulder width pull downs: 3x8, 70kg then ----> 90kg now
Deadlifts: 3x8, 70kg then ----> 80kg now
Bent over Rows: 3x8, 50kg then ----> 65kg now
Lat pull downs (wide overhand): 5x8, 60kg then ----> 80kg, maxing out at 6 reps on the last set now.


Barbell curls: 3x8, 32kg then ----> 40kg now, struggling to 6-7 on the last set
Hammer Curls: 3x8, 17kg then ----> 20kg now
Seated Concentration curls: 3x8, 17kg then ----> 20kg now, forced reps from 6 onwards
Pulley machine curls, both hands: 5x8, 30kg then ----> 40kg now

My other day is a shoulders and legs day and I throw in 2 abs sessions a week on average, on days when I feel I have most energy.

So, I need to add more real food? What and when would you recommend that I add things?

How about the timing of the supps? Am I getting anything wrong? Should I change the timing of anything?

Thanks again, I appreciate any criticism of my routine and food plan. I'd like to make sure my efforts with the weights are helped as much as possible outside the weight room.



You're making good gains, but I really don't think much of it was from supplementation. Most lifters can make newb gains like that from food alone.

To start with, you can ditch the vitargo, glutamine and arginine, and use the BCAA's for pre-workout only if you keep it at all. There is no need to take BCAA's in the morning or post-workout. Well, here, let me just redesign your nutrition schedule to make things easier:

Wake at 6am: 2 scoops of whey with 500ml of milk, 60g ground oats.

9am: 4 whole eggs, 4 wholemeal bread slices, 500ml of milk

11am: 125g brown basmati rice, tin of tuna. Vit C, E and Omega 3 tablets.

1:30pm: 125g brown basmati rice, tin of tuna

3:30pm: Milk with 1 scoop whey (I'm assuming 30g?), 1 small scoop Creatine (you only need 3g/day), 1 small scoop Beta Alanine, 3 BCAA tablets (not really necessary, but could help if you're doing cardio after lifting). Get some form of semi-quick carbs for this 'meal', like maltodextrose (50-100g).

4:00pm: Apple (20g of Dextrose would be better here, but either one will give you an insulin spike)

4:15pm: Train

5:30pm: Milk with 2 scoops whey, 50-100g maltodextrose.

7pm: Chicken breast, veg and sweet potato. The maltodextrose may suppress your appetite for this meal. You especially won't want the potato. You can move this meal a bit later and/or leave out the sweet potato. I would save it for lunch the next day, personally.

9pm: 1 scoop casein. If you move dinner to later, just take this immediately before bed.

10pm: Bed

That will cut down on the number of your meals, save some headache, save some money, and increase your intake. All without sacrificing any gains.