Timing of MAG-10 doses

What is the most effective time to take MAG-10? For someone who works out in the evening it doesn’t seem like first thing in the morning would be as good as right before the workout. Also does taking it on an empty stomach facilitate the absorption? How about holding it in the mouth for a period of time so it can be absorbed into the membrane?

Timing doesn’t matter much. Bill Roberts said that morning doses may provide a better “feel” for those that train in the afternoon. And you don’t have to hold it in your mouth. Bill said it makes little to no difference. As for the empty stomach thing, I can’t remember! Sorry! I mix mine in a little water to lighten the taste and slam it before breakfast.

Regarding the empty stomach, I don’t think it makes a difference, but I think that Eric Cressy said it best with these words, “your stomach should never be empty while on MAG-10”. Just thought I’d pass that along.

Wow, Jason Norcross is quoting me and I know Joel Marion; I feel like I’m on top of the world!:slight_smile:

You mix it with water then slam it down ? I thought it had to be held in the mouth, under the toungue for 30 seconds, then swallow the rest ? In regards to evening training, i think i read an article on Mag-10 saying it is best to take it about 30 minutes before working out, and if you take 2 doses a day, make sure they are 8 - 12 hours apart ?

Bill Roberts has said in the past that there is no need to hold it under your tongue or take it pre-workout. I assume that these ideas are based on the potential for the placebo effect. I just swallow it all at once with breakfast.

Bill Roberts has said repeatedly that you do not have to hold it under the tongue. Sublingual absorption is very minimal if none. Also, peak blood levels of MAG-10 occur 8-12 hours after consumption, so taking MAG-10 8-12 hours before a workout would be optimal.


Timing doesn’t matter, as the half-life of the product is over 24 hours. Holding it under the tongue does not make a difference…the topic has been covered many times on the forum. It does not need to be taken with food, but it can be taken with food with no problem. You can even mix it with a beverage if you like.

How about we start screwing with people and tell them that it’s ideal to take Mag-10 with clam juice right before a workout? I’m sure it would make for some good laughs and messy gym floors…

I always take mine with clam juice…I put on 30 lbs last cycle.

Sounds good to me, Eric :slight_smile:

Clam juice for evening workouts and pickle juice for morning workouts. Due to the different effects each juice has on the pharmokinetics. LOL!

Holding something under the tongue is a method used for fast, ultra fast absorption. It is not necessary to be absorbed, it just does it faster. So if you want your vitamin E kick really quick, you can just break open that pill and let it sit under your tongue!

Pickle juice in the AM? Oh well, I guess that’s kosher with me:)

These “gains” are the permanent? Be honest.

Yes, they are, but of course you have to eat right to support the gains. You can’t gain ten pounds of “new” muscle and not rev up the metabolism and need for protein.

The gains that come from MAG-10 are just like anything. They are permanent assuming that you continue to eat and train appropriately to handle the new mass. Usually a few pounds are extra water, but this is only about 10-20% based on people I haved talked to and reports from the forum.

Assuming that maintenance calories are increased and training poundages are also increased, the new mass will be there to stay.

If these considerations are not maintained and one does not adjust training and diet, then of course the gains will not be permanent. It would be like going on a diet, losing a bunch of weight and then jumping back into old eating habits. Of course, the weight will come back on.

…but you know jason, with the addition of myostat to the mag10 cycle the gains could very well be permanent with out the need for continued maintenence. just a thought. kevo

I was joking about the 30 lbs.

You are not going to notice anything acute from Myostat on a two-week Mag-10 bulking phase, so yes, diet and training are a must to keep the mass put on during the cycle…whether the satelite cells develope and mature over time is irrelevant; that’s not the mass that was put on during the cycle.