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Timing of M and Tribex

When taking M and Tribex together should I take Tribex in the morning and evening, - and M in the middle of the day ??

I always take Tribex on an empty stomach in the morning. 3 caps. I take an evening dose for the first week only for a total of six per day. After week 1 I stay with 3 caps per day in the morning. Never used M.

Um, why don’t you just do what the label and T-mag says to do and take M in the morning? If all else fails, read the label! :slight_smile:

I wanted to pose another question here.
how important is it to take the second dose of Tribex on an empty stomach ?
Of course the morning dose is always on an empty stomach, but that afternoon dose is pretty hard to find an empty stomach for…

Dan I have the same dilema. Just about the only time I’m not eating is at work (mid day) and right when I wake up. I think it would be ok to take the second dose with some food since the original Tribex called for consuming it with a high protein meal. Contact biotest through feedback and ask. I’m sure they’ll answer. I hate taking it on an empty stomach though… you ever burp a Tribex burp? Not pretty. You might offend everyone within a ten foot radious. Oh, and it hurts to burp Tribex… ouch!!! Its like sticking a radish up your nose.

Thanks RS, I’ll contact them and see if anybody can give me an answer.
I haven’t had much trouble with burps, I usually try to make sure my throat is wet before I swallow the capsules, I’ve found that if my throat isn’t wet before I swallow - they get caught in my throat and that is what causes the powder to come back up.

Just got an email back from TC and he told me it really made no difference if you take Tribex on an empty or full stomach.