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Timing of Labs on T Cream

I just started on the cream this weekend. I’m thinking about going in next week to run some labs to see where my levels are at and adjust from there. I know with the short half life of the cream, timing is really important for labs. So my question is, how many hours after I apply the cream should I wait for labs?

I did my first labs since starting cream this last week aiming for 5hr mark. That said it was 6 hrs before I could get blood drawn after waiting. I tested 1098 on two clicks a day 20%/200mg scrotum cream. I’m a strong responder to trt I hit over 1100 at 4 days after 150mg injection per week also. I really like the cream so far I feel really good health wise and no side affects.

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Are you doing 2x day application or 1x day?

Doc told me 4 hours or so

Yes 1 click morning and 1 click evening for a total of 2 clicks a day 12-14. My Dr said that dose normally puts most men she treats in the 600-850 range after 5 hours post application lab. I tend to respond well for trt and hit high normal with that lower dose. Most men she treats do best on 2 clicks morning and 1 click evening on average. I try not to get into numbers to much mainly focus on how I feel and adjust the dose as needed. I feel really good at my current dose so plain to stay here for a while.I also use the MedQuest cream 1/4ml per click which is 50mg of T per click. $116 for 90 days