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Timing of Dose?

taking a TRT cream.

I’m instructed to take it in the morning to mimic when my levels would normally be high. Made sense. Then I started to recall that a great deal of real recovery and growth post workout happens at sleep so I started taking it (on workout days) right before bed after a meal.

I then read dosing right before working out is a good thing.

Dose anyone have any knowledge or experience on the effect of taking a dose at certain times? I have a pituitary tumor causing low T so my dose isn’t going to change much like a steroid users would.

I simply want to utilize it in conjunction with training in the most optimal way.


The higher levels in the AM are natural pattern that one can mimic. The idea that peaking T for workouts has two problems. One is that T available to T receptors takes time to get to the cell nuclei and do anything. Secondly, sweating will create a negative transport gradient across the skin and the sweat will wash it away.

You can apply more than once a day.

Are your IGF-1 levels OK?

To my knowledge yes. Long story short–I had a pretty good series of blood panels done for a couple of reasons they were very extensive but I doubt IGF-1 was part of them now that I think about it. It was cancer stuff combined with infection so my blood work was fairly intense.

Okay, point well taken on T for workouts. Thanks for that.

I don’t think I’m taking enough to shut down the more limited amount of natural T I make so maybe taking it later in the day when you natural drop is good and at night on workout days to accentuate recovery.

At some point you can get (or I tend to anyway) over analytical about a simply subject but on the other hand sometimes very simply, common sense actions can produce better results.

I appreciate the input.

Your HPTA regulates the combined effects of T+E as seen by the hypothalamus. If your HPTA is working and you add any amount of T, your LH/FSH will be reduced, returning the combined effect of T+E to were is was. That is your set point, and that set point drops with age.

So as you add a little bit of T, your production drops and nothing is gained. If you take more, your HPTA will ‘shutdown’ and LH–>zero. Then added T creates higher serum T levels. So small amounts are throwing your money away. You cannot take supplemental T.

But it gets worse. With T transdermals, there is a lot of T–>E2 in the skin, so the combine feedback signal is T+E+E and your serum T levels can easily go down, not up. T-gels are the worse, T-creams less so.

Note that estrogens are more HPTA repressive that testosterone, so in the T+E game, estrogens have very strong effects and can decrease T levels.

Any prescription amount of T-cream will lead to HPTA shutdown unless something is wrong.

What can be wrong?

  • some just cannot absorb transdermals
  • some absorb at first then that stops
  • transdermal T non-absorption is a symptom of [possible] [subclinical] hypothyroidism

Some will absorb T-transdermals OK, but have very high T–>E2.

Do count on “shut down”.