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Timing of Diuretic

I am prepping for a contest…have finished cut for 33days and am now at 5%bf…am going to carb up heavy on tuesday (this is all planned very carefull) but was wondering…should i take the diuretic after the carb up so as to not risk getting full muscle saturation, or take it during carb up—my understanding of diuretics is that it reduces EXTRAcelluar water—could it actually pull the hydration from the muscle cells out?..what is the ideal time to hit the diuretic…those of you who have used them effectively, please let me know

On a side note, my sodium level (from a percent standpoint) has been controlled for, and does not change from keto to regular gain–so extracelluar water should not be “overloaded”


you should ask tren-freak over at the anabolic discussion side. he’s a competitive BB with tons of experience

Just thinking out loud here, but shouldn’t potassium levels be an issue here as well? Especially when taking a diuretic?