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Timing of DBol/Orals


I often read people mention how they take dbol something like 30-60min pre workout. However, with a half life of ~4 hours does it really matter or is it something that just needs to be in your system? It seems surprising to me that if you were taking it for say a 4 week cycle that at some point in the middle of these 4 weeks taking it right before your workout would make your strength in that workout any different than if you had taken it at a different time (i.e. I thought the changes in strength were from the overall moderate-term changes the dbol causes in your body, not any sudden changes that would occur in only an hour or so).

Likewise, if anyone knows, the same question for superdrol. The half life is about 8 hours so if you're splitting up 20-30mg/day in 5-10mg doses 3x/day does it matter if you have a dose right before your workout or is one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night going to give the same results?


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Is that because it being at a peak will actually cause greater strength that workout or is it that by having the peak levels right when you are working out the gains made from that workout will be greater so future workouts involving those exercises done will have improved more? The 2nd reason makes sense to me, the 1st one not so much because I don't see a reason (not saying there isn't one) that acutely higher levels of the hormone in the bloodstream would have an impact on muscular strength for that days workout.


My 2 cents:

DBol before training for many gives them a bit more aggression for attacking the weights. Many (including me) got better pumps when taking DBol prior to training. Optimally would be what BBB suggests, but I don't think it is a waste if you take it even just prior to training.

If you are taking other anabolics with the Dbol, then pre-training seems to be the best time based upon many anecdotal experiences from others who had commented on this usage practice.

However, if you are only using Dbol as a supplement (i.e. only using it for a temporary boost for training or recuperation), then you need to experiment to determine whether pre or post training is best for you. Pre-training is still good for the rationale indicated above, but when I did Dbol only (used like a supplement which meant ONLY on training days) I got the most benefit taking the Dbol AFTER training. Using Dbol this way really really cut down on my recuperation time. For me, comparing those training days when I didn't take anything pre or post to when taking the Dbol post was a significant difference. When using Dbol as a supplement in this way, I only used the Dbol on those training days where the volume/intensity was going to be very high.


You think it makes more sense to take your entire daily dosage of dbol at one time then to coincide with training?

As opposed to splitting it through out the day...?


If youre running 30mg or less, yes. Assuming other drugs are also being used.

Haven't seen you around in a long time btw. Welcome back.


Interesting, do you think the same applies to superdrol? From what I understand it doesn't have the same bloating/pump affect that dbol has.


Assuming you get up to 40-50 a day tho...would you split into 2-3 equal doses or take the bulk still prior to workout...with the assumption test is being run..

Thanks for the welcome back. I've been lurkin around some


Why 30mg or less? I'm guessing more than that inhibits performance during the workout?


With 50 Id recommend 10 in the morning, 30 pre workout, 10 later in the day. Assuming youre lifting at a time that allows these doses to be taken at least 4 hours apart.

This sort of thing really doesnt matter all that much but if your schedule happens to work out to accomodate that, that's what Id do.


No. I cant think of how MORE of a drug would be bad for performance. By splitting the doses you get the benefits of the anabolic effects of the drug all day, instead of just preworkout.

But I dont think this benefit is worth it if youre only using 30mg per day where youd be taking 3 ten milligram doses.

This isnt science, just my opinion.


I've never tried superdrol, so unfortunately I can't really answer here. I basically have only used "traditional assistance" if you know what I mean. Superdrol is what I consider a newer compound (even though I know it has been out for quite awhile now).

For me, the "bloating" was never really an issue when using Dbol, but everyone's physiology is different. If it is a concern, a good AI can help.


Based on the word of trusted individuals, superdrol pumps blow dbol out of the water.


I had never really considered Superdrol in the past, but coming from you Bonez, I am now very intrigued.


Yea, it works. But the claims of harsh side effects are also accurate, to a degree of course. No real reason not to try it out though, if youre that intrigued.


Out of idle curiosity what side effects have you heard reported from superdrol Bonez?


Blood pressure issues and liver issues. The standard fare with orals, just more pronounced than more commonly used drugs.



Yellowish skin, poor appetite from liver problems, bloody noses from high BP, general malaise.

Still, it can put 20-30 lbs on you in 3 weeks. Not to mention, it increases glycogen storage ability of muscles (or something like that) so you get more pumped the more carbs you eat.

Definitely an interesting compound I'd like to take sometime, but I'd probably buy it from a UGL. I've heard that none of the prohormone companies sell a 'legit' version anymore.


Just stick with dbol and run it at 50mg all pre workout or more if you can handle it. Its less stressful on the liver IMO and you'll make better gains because of the massive and immediate strength boost you'll get from it.


This makes alot of sense to me. I feel like-assuming test is being used-your body is in a pretty anabolic environment all the time...so does it make that much difference to have 10mg of dbol in you most of the time instead of just a massive dose that lets you lift harder?