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Timing of clomid in post-cycle

I just finished a 2-month testosterone cypionate only cycle (600mg / week, except 1st week which was 1200mg). It went pretty well, I gained 10 lbs of lean muscle, and had no side effects. Since I have only 15 tabs of 50mg clomid, I saved them for the post-cycle. I am wondering when should I start taking the clomid. I am inclined to wait a few weeks until my test levels approach the natural levels as I suspect the above-normal test levels may continue to supress the HPTA for the next few weeks. Given the half-life of test cyp of about a week, the levels would drop to 600, 300, 150, and 75 mg in the 1-4th post cycle weeks, so I am thinking of starting clomid in the 3rd or 4th week. Does this reasoning make sense? Thanks.

You’re way off Joe. You should either use Clomid throughout and continue using it for 2-4 weeks post cycle or use it the day after your last injection for 2-4 weeks. One thing about Clomid is that it helps ease your natural T levels back to normal. In a nutshell, it prevents crashes and helps you maintain your gains, which in your case were very minimal. How did you only magange to gain 10 lbs. of lbm using that much testosterone?? You say it well, but honestly, you should have packed on 25 for it go well.

I would like to add to Scott’s response with this !!! Get some more Clomid and in future be sure to have much, much more!!!

I think your reasoning is correct. Bill Roberts
wrote an article on mesomorphosis covering this
subject and there will indeed be cyp hanging around for some time after the last injection.

According to Roberts, 100 mg of test would be
50 % supressive of endogenous t. If you follow
the other guys advice and take clomid on the 15
days after the last injection you will crash bad.

Consider getting yourself more clomid or
follow your planned clomid intake with Tribex (which will elevate LH somewhat)