Timing of Carbolin 19

i just took my first Carbolin 19 dose at 8:30am. is it okay if i take the next one at 3pm, with another meal, or on workout days, with my PWO shake?

I start my workouts at 2, and 2:45-2:50 is generally when i start taking my PWO shake.

relativelyfungusguy, you don’t have to be deadly accurate on the time. As long as you are taking your dose six to eight hours apart you’re good to go.


i’d also recommend against taking them in public. ive heard stories of people popping their Carbolin 19-19 and within seconds their muscles starting bulging through their clothes, and they have a strange, Carbolin 19-19ish glow to them, very similar to the incredible hulk. i mean, ive only HEARD of this happening. i feel that they should really put a warning for this on the label as well, just underneath the dosing directions, or perhaps even on this site, in the extensive Carbolin 19-19 write up. i really cant believe they didnt mention it in there.

ok well how about this, i wana make sure that i’m doing it right, so do i take this supplement with food or on an empty stomach. i have read a little bit of both if i recall correctly, but mostly to take it with food.

If you take it with food just make sure it’s a protein rich meal. Don’t sweat the small stuff just consistently take it twice per day. What is going to determine your results from using the product will be your overall nutrition and hitting it hard in the gym. Another words take advantage of what Carbolin 19 is doing for you.