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Timing of Blood Work and Other Things


Hello to the board,

Believe it or not, I've been a regular lurker here since 2006 and this is my first post!

I'm a 57 yr old male who has always led a very active lifestyle, including lots of time under the bar. In saying that, it is getting harder and harder to get motivated, stay focused, make love, recover, etc, etc. I'm starting to think that I may be a candidate for TRT so I'm about to order up the following blood work from LEF:

Male panel + D, 25-Hydroxy
Male hormone add on panel (DHT & Pregnenolone)
Thyroid add on panel (Free T3 & T4)

My main question is, what is the best time of day to have the blood drawn or does it make any difference at all?

At the moment I'm taking the following supplements:

B Complex, 80mg
Ester C, 500mg, twice daily
D3, 5000iu's, once daily
Fish oil caps, 3 grams, twice daily
Green Tea Complex, 1000mg, twice daily
Levitra, when needed

My second question is, should I continue to take these sups before the blood draw or should I discontinue anything and if so, for how long?

I'm currently finishing up a job overseas and will be travelling through the US on my way home to Panama (but I'm Canadian). I will have the blood drawn at that time and when I get the results back and if anything is out of the ordinary, I will post back here. I'm not yet sure but it might be possible to obtain the required substances on my own there and self administer using the excellent info posted by ksman and others. I also plan on starting some research using some peptides (Mod GRF(1-29), GHRP-2 & Ipamorelin).

One other question, should I add anything to the blood work order?

Thanks in advance!




Those supplements are part of your life and should be in-place for your lab work.

T levels can be higher at 8AM.

You will be on a 12 hour fast for the lab work, drink more water so you are not dehydrated.

If you have lost hair on your lower legs, that is a measure of low T for a long time.

If you travel and self medicate, you can have your kit seized and might face criminal charges.

You could test LH/FSH, but at your age, that has little diagnostic benefit.

You might want to pick up DHEA while in the USA. Might not be on the shelf at home. At your age, DHEA levels have declined well below youthful levels.


Thank you KSman for your reply. Your knowledge and the time you take to answer peoples questions is truly appreciated! Please see my responses below.



Not sure if this got lost or not but would 8am be a good time or a bad time to have the blood drawn?




this is interesting to me. when I learned about symptoms of low T a couple years ago (age 51) I suspected I had been low my entire adult life. I have been teased about hairless legs for as long as everybody else's legs weren't. my kids tease me about it, just like we teased our dad about it. I gave up a few years ago, and just tell people I shave my legs. they ask my "why". I tell them to improve my swimming times. They say "I didn't know you swim competitively." I answer "I don't". They get this confused look on their face and give up. True story.

I guy at the gym asked me about my shiny legs last week. he asked if I shaved my legs. I told him yes, so the hair doesn't bunch under my pantyhose when I'm on stage. He looked at me like I was from mars.

we all have our cross to bear,,,,mine has been white, hairless legs.


8AM is the benchmark for some docs. Some test in the afternoon to get lower levels when seeking to get onto TRT.


Shiny lower legs and dry skin can be a sign of hypothyroidism.

Are you using iodized salt?


i don't use added salt, but i use 10,000 iu D3 w/ added sea iodine (2 mg "natural iodine" plus 8oo mg "sea iodine blend complex" (whatever that means) from LEF. Last TSH test showed 3.11 uIU/mL range 0.450-4.5, also taking 2.5 mcg liothyronine ED.


[quote]KSman wrote:
8AM is the benchmark for some docs. Some test in the afternoon to get lower levels when seeking to get onto TRT.[quote]

Thanks for that! That is what I was thinking and my appointment is in the PM.