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Timing Growth Factor Training

I have been thinking of using growth factor training for a while and have been trying to think of the correct timing for it’s use.
I was thinking of doing a four week strength cycle using traditional cluster training regim and such, maximising strength as much as possible, then moving onto growth factor for four weeks, my questions are:

  1. Would it be a good idea to do growth factor after this strength cycle because of the intensity levels?
  2. When doing growth factor, would it be better to use a split using only growth factor (I.e 5-day body part split) or do a split using a strength session and a growth factor in the same week?
  3. During the growth factor sessions, is it wise to ramp up the nervous system to a max to increase PTP so the first supersets can use a heavier weight?

Any advice from others on the forum would also be really appreciated!
Thanks in advance,