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Timing for Heavy Bag Training


When is the best time to hit the heavy bag? Before or after the workout? Today I hit it after legs and it felt good, I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to hit it after my bi's and back workout tomorrow. What's your opinion?

  • Ethan


Personally, I don't hit the bag on days that I'm weight training. There's just not enough energy left over for either weight training or hitting the bag, depending on which you would do first.


It's a great way to finish off an upper back workout. Just don't do it after a forearm workout.


What do you recommend as far as a routine to finish the back workout?


I hit it on cardio days. If I do it after legs, my footwork sucks. If I do it after upper body, my technique is lazy and my punches have no snap.

I usually do about 10 minutes of rope and then hit the bag.


I usually would warm up on the heavy bag before lifting, though I wouldn't go to hard on it. On days where I still felt good, I would go after lifting too, just for kicks.