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Timing for Aromatase Inhibitor

Hey guys I have a question for you, what do you think is the right time to pop Aromasin, before the shot, same time, or after? How many hours before or after? I’ve been trying to research this, so that I can avoid estrogen peaks, but I can’t really get to a conclusion, so maybe one of you has been more lucky in his research :slight_smile:
Thanks, and peace

Iv seen people say to wait 4-6 hours or 12 hours… To be honest I don’t see how the hell it makes a difference (altho I’m sure there is some crazy scientific reason why it could be slightly better) due to the half lives of AIs. I take my adex after my shot E3D because if I don’t I will forget.

Arimidex (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days
Aromasin (Half life 1 day) - Steady state in 5 days

This is how half lives work. For example, lets say you take 1mg of Arimidex EOD. The half life of Arimidex is 2 days. So in 2 days when you take another dose, you still have 50% of the previous dose in your system.

So if you took 1mg Monday, then took 1mg Wednesday, you have 1mg from Wednesday’s dose, plus 0.5mg from Monday’s dose. So 1.5mg total in your system. Then you take another 1mg Friday. You now have 1mg from Friday’s dose, 0.5mg from Wednesday, and 0.25mg from Monday’s dose. So on Friday you have 1.75mg in your system.

Then on Sunday you will have 1mg from Sunday’s dose, 0.5mg from Friday, 0.25mg from Wednesday and 0.125mg from Monday’s dose. So 1.875mg in your system on Sunday. So on Tuesday you will have 1mg from Tuesday, 0.5mg from Sunday, 0.25mg from Friday, 0.125mg from Wednesday, and 0.0625mg from Monday.

So in total on Tuesday you will have 1.9375mg in your system. So do this math one more time for Thursday’s dose. Which will equal 1.96875mg, basically 2mg in your system on the 10th day. On the 10th day you have now reached a “steady state” of this medication.

This means from the 10th day on if you keep taking 1mg of Arimidex EOD, you will always have roughly 2mg in your system at all times. The amount of milligrams in your system does not continue going up from this point.

WARNING I am not recommending or prescribing this amount of AI. The numbers used just made the math easier for this explanation.