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Timing for Amino Acids

Brothers and sisters,

Been lurking here for a while and wanted to ask a question on timing of amino acid sups.

I use l carnitine and arginine and ornithine.

Can you take these together or do you have to take them separately?

Be well, train hard


I’ve heard that the “L” aminos compete with each other in the body…but find it hard to believe. Most supplements have different forms of “L” aminos so I’d find it hard to believe that their would be any problems by taking them all at once.

Also when consuming food, we don’t break down the food before we ingest it, we ingest then break down.

So maybe an answer to your question is, you can take them seperately or together. It’s your call…

That’s my opinion from what I know.


I am getting this from “Heal with Amino Acids” by Billy Sahley Ph.D, C.N.C. It looks like you would combine them and they wouldn’t compete. She recommends taking them together to “stimulate muscle mass while decreasing fat”.
As you probably know, take them far from meals, though.


Thanks for the tips.

Be well, train hard