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Timing Food & Workouts



Been reading as a good noob should

I see most recommend food before training ramping down from around 2 hours out to a higher GI carb 10 min preworkout with small meals at roughly 60 and 30 minutes out


I had also been told that your last meal / food should be 2 hours out with a pre W/O drink like musashi Reactivate 10-15 before w/o to keep from gaining too much fat / to lose fat

anyone have a take on timing for either

fat loss without or with minimal muscle loss on a normal BB workout + 20min Cardio

good training strength and energy without much though to fat

I guess its cutting and bulking pre w/o food / supp timing I'm asking about


Cutting AND bulking? hmmm anyways if your worried about fat gain just carb load before your workout and keep carbs the rest of the day low. Make sure to replace the calories from carbs with healthy fats the rest of your meals. 1-1.5 hours should be fine for a meal before your workout..it's not gonna make or break you though lol, your over analyzing.


thanks for this - this is your "all the time" strategy? as opposed to a cut / bulk

I meant cutting as opposed to bulking - not same time :wink:

as in

cutting - what is the timing of pre W/O food

Bulking - what is the timing of pre W/O food -

and what does either consist of in your (anyone's) opinion

I guess I could be over analysing! still like to know if anyone has a different take on eating pre workout for fat loss OR for bulking.


Pre workout should be a carb+protein meal 2-1.5 hours before you train. It'd pretty much be the same for cutting or bulking just different amounts.


Just FYI I'm not an accomplished BBer, and I am a n00b, so take all I say with a large grain of salt.

I eat an hour before a workout, may stretch that to 1.5 hours if I have eaten an exceptionally large meal.
I'm not too fussy about what I eat pre w/o, I try to make it mainly carbs + protein, but I don't worry about having fat as long as it doesn't make up the majority of my meal. So no full english breakfasts, thank you. Normally I eat something like oats + fruit + nuts + eggs. I should also note that I am trying to 'bulk'.

As a 'noob', I don't think you need to get everything down to an exact science and understand everything 100% in order to get results, there is no right or wrong, it's all a learning experience, trial and error, until you find out what works for you.

I think the timing of food is more a personal preference thing than a weightloss/weightgain one. The preference for me is that the food is in my system and giving me the energy to w/o. I assume it changes from person to person based upon how quickly the body processes the food.

I apologise if I have misunderstood the question.