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Timing Daily Propionate Dose: Morning or Night?

Not sure if I should be injecting test prop in the morning or at night before I’m about to go to sleep. When should I inject? I inject daily btw. I’m new to this ester and when I called my doctor he said it didn’t really matter when I took it, so I’m posting here to get a second opinion lol. I’m just not sure when it peaks and when the half life is but I know it’s within like a day, it’s fast acting. My SHBG is 22.3 nmol/L if that helps at all.

Your doctor is correct. So your dailies on the schedule that works for you. With prop you’ll want to try to be consistent, so all AM or all PM, but otherwise it doesn’t matter.

I’ve recently taken bloods at beginning and end of the day while using propionate daily injections. Peak was 35 nmol/l 12 hours after injection and trough was 13 nmol/l 24 hours after injection, just before the next one. Based on that I decided to stick with nightly injections so that my trough is before bed and my peak in the morning in theory mimicking the natural rhythm.

Hope that helps a little.

When I did daily prop I noticed a great feeling of well-being about 18 hours after injecting it, so I did my shot around 3p so I’d wake up feeling like a million bucks