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Timing Cycling Around TRT Bloodwork

Long story short my doctor was being an idiot about putting on TRT because I was in range by 1 point even though I felt like garbage. I took matters into my own hands and have been self prescribing sustanon at 125mgx2 per week for the last couple months. I finally convinced my doctor to let me try legally. After blood work all was good and T was at 1350 (range to 1100) so he is prescribing 100mgx2 per week of test cyp. I know they are different so what should I expect switching to cyp at that dosage?
I also am looking to cycle again in the coming months. The doctor is having me do blood work every 3 months for now to get cyp tuned in. What is the best way/compounds to use that will give me enough time for a decent cycle but clear in time for bloods?
I was thinking upping the test to 250(maybe using prop?) and adding NPP at 400 and Masteron prop. at 300-400?
Does this seem reasonable or should I wait until bloods are every 6 months? I have a feeling the 3 month blood work is gonna be for a year or so.

Response is individual to the user. You were running a pretty high dose for what qualifies as TRT. This is substantiated by your labs. I doubt you will feel much different.

Its a very good idea to allow yourself enough time to get dialed in so you have a baseline to go back to. Don’t rush it. My body changed drastically the first 6 months on TRT and slowed but still developed through the first year

You could run shorter compounds in the 6-8 week range. I personally would wait for the 6 month labs switch over. As far as your desired compounds each has their place but I don’t know anything about you to comment on whether they would meet your goals.

Thanks for the response. I kind of figured I should wait until bloods are spaced out a bit further and dialed in. This may be a process as i don’t think my primary is very knowledgeable about TRT.
I know the bloods came back on the high side but with the different types of test in the mix I wasn’t sure where to start. Doctor wants me under 1000.
As far as goals for next cycle, I want to put on some fairly lean mass. The last cycle I ran was test E at 500mg/week with dianabol for 5 weeks at 50mg/day to start and deca at 300mg/week. Cycle was 16 weeks. Put on about 20lbs(172 to 197), 5-7 of which was water and a little fat but since ending the cycle cleaned up the fat. Now sitting at around 188. BF prob 15-17% or so. Was hard to transition back to a slight caloric deficit after 16 weeks of 3200-3800 calories. I’m now running just below maintenance at around 2650. Maint is 2900 or so.
Good news is I feel so much better than I have the last few years. Brain fog and fatigue is much, much less than it was.

If you didn’t have problem with Deca than you are probably fine with NPP. I wouldn’t start the NPP any higher than I ran the Deca prior as it peaks higher and faster in the blood concentrations on a mg per mg basis compared to its long ester cousin. Mast is always a good compound in my book for its libido/mood enhancement. Still, I would wait for the longer bloods.

Will the NPP and Mast alter my test numbers? Should these compounds be clear before bloodwork? Would rather run the longer esters if possible. Trying to plan out the next 6-8 months training blocks. Thanks.

I’ll second this, and it’s what I do. Labs every 6 months, so I blast for 10-12 weeks, then go back to TRT for 6 months. Plenty of time to return to normal

That gonna be the plan. Just trying to plan ahead. Thanks

You could also ask your doc if they Rx other compounds, like Nadrolone or Oxandrolone. Not sure if it’s a clinic or not, but clinics usually will. That’ll give you more freedom if labs don’t get spaced farther apart

They are not a clinic. It was a fight just to get him to prescribe the test. Typical inside the box GP. Thanks for the suggestion though.

That’s a bummer

It is but I have an alternative if he becomes uncooperative. It will just cost me a bit more.