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Timing Carb Intake?


OK so my question is when to add the most amount of carbs to gain mass during a work out and keep off the fat.

What iv been doing 2 hours before my workouts is eating 1/2 cup of rice and a 6oz chicken breast, then 1.5hrs post workout 1/2 cup of rice.

im on creatine and consume my protein after the workout as usual. also my breakfast usual contains of egg whites or oatmeal with fruits


If you're glycogen stores are low, or empty, then excess carbs will not be stored as bodyfat, instead refilling your muscles and liver. Hence the rationale for peri-workout nutrition. Right now it sounds like you've got carbs in your breakfast, and before and after your workouts, which are the ideal times to pump up your carb intake. Keeping your levels lower, preferring P+F meals, the rest of the day would be ideal to minimize fat accumulation.