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Timing Bloodwork? Estrogen Range?

I got a couple of questions,
Assuming im taking 500mg test e 250mg twice a week and 0.5mg o arimidex on injection days(so i dont forget)

1- how much is the normal range of estrogen i should aim for on a 500mg test e a week?

2- when exactly should i do my test relative to injection?

You should take the AI as needed, not to target a specific range

Blood test should be taken before and as close to your injection as possible.

How do i know how much i need?

You’ll know because side effects will subside when using X dose, but using half of X does not do the trick. You’ll know through trial and error. After you’ve figured it out then the next cycle will be easier to manage because you’ll already have an idea of what (if any) AI you need and when.

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By far the most direct answer i got so far.

I would like to ask you a small favor, couls you list me the side effects of Low AND High estrogen so i can keep an eye put for them, to when to increase or decrease the dosage.

Also when i change the dose, is a week on the new dose enough to tell whether to change again or not.

Everyone is different. I have big issues when my E2 goes over range when cycling. Water weigh gain and severe mood swings, anxiety so strong benzos are required. Once I had to go to the emergency room because my panic attack was so severe. That walk-in hospital trip cost me $9,000 US dollars.

When on my TRT dose I must keep my E2 in the mid to low 20’s when blasting I go no higher that 40 or I have issues. You could be the complete opposite where E2 does nothing.

What is your SHGB? I have a theory the lower your SHGB is the more issues you will have with E2. SHGB binds with free T and free E2. If you have a high SHGB binding all your E2 rendering it useless and you feel nothing negative. So high SHGB high tolerance to E2 and its sides. This is just my theory I can produce no studies backing this up.

Oh, you also asked what are the sides of crashed E2. Popping and clicking joints is your first clue. You will feel it in your fingers, elbows and shoulders the most. Also mild depression. You can also have lethargy or you just feel fatigued.

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Can’t you choose to take different compounds that don’t make you quite as anxious? I don’t like the way higher dose T makes me feel. Primobolan, mast however is totally fine (aside from lipid demolition)

It is my over ranged E2 that causes my anxiety not the amount of T, AAS, SARMS, peptide I am taking. I experience the same anxiety on my 125mg/w TRT dose if I run out of anastrozole.