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Timing Bloodwork After Test Injection

So I was pinning 500 mg test a week as well as 200 mg trt done by a doctor every second week I only did 500 mg test in two weeks at the end and got. 200 mg test by doc yesterday and two weeks ago I had 200 mg test done by doc and 250 mg that I pinned two weeks ago.the doc wants to check my test on Nov 4th life labs test cause he might bump up my dose or switch me to weekly injections I was wondering if the test I did on myself will be out of my system by the end so I don’t have super high number of test so he dosent suspect things

Lay out the dosing because the way it’s written is a little unclear.

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Ok I will try I did a cycle where I pinned 500 mg a week in two injections than on every second week got a trt dose of 200 mg.at the very end I only pinned 250 mg in that week than two weeks later pinned 250 mg of test on the same day I got a trt dose of 200 mg.its been two weeks since than I got a shot yesterday of trt 200 mg and in just under two weeks I will have a testosterone blood work test and I’m hoping my test is back down to normal levels by than so the doctor dosent suspect things even it’s a low level that would be good because I would get weekly injections

Ok, yeah, you should be alright since your last non-trt pin was only 250.

Good.lol I was worried I wouldn’t describe it well again im glad you understood it. Is I true with every two week injections on trt that your test is lower after 8 days or so than your original low.im wondering because he wants me to get the testosterone test the day before my next injection.so I’m thinking it might be pretty low level.

Once every 2 weeks is shit for test cyp or enth, it would be passable for undecanoate. 1x per week for test U would be better, or 2x a week for cyp/enth. Some even do EOD with slin pins and report lower aromatization.

I have taken dbol until l 2-3 days ago will this effect my testosterone test I think dbol suppresses testosterone

It can’t suppress natural testosterone because you have none. The testosterone levels you have will be 100% dependent on how much you’re injecting.

Ok thanks