Timing Blast After Lump Goes Away?

I am planning an upcoming Test blast. I am currently taking a TRT dose of 200 mg ED. I am thinking I am going to kick it up to 500mg for 12 weeks. I am currently taking nolvadex. I developed a lump after introducing HGC to my protocol to ease testicular pain. (I am pretty sure this was when it developed). I dropped the HCG and was told to take the Nolvadex until the lump goes away. My question is- should I wait to do the blast until the lump goes away and I quit the Nolvadex, or is it ok to do it now?

what is your current nolva dose? you are only planning to blast test right? I would go for it whenever you had originally planned. 500mg test p/w and 20mg nolva e/d.

Thank you. The nolva is 20mg. Yes, I was just going to run the Test and pin daily, but 500mg per week.

yeah then I’d say you are good to go @willybrokeback, have fun. eat well and train hard!