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Timing Arimidex 3x/Wk with Test EOD

Hey guys,

I just wanted to get some other opinions on the timing of my arimidex and what you guys think you would do in my situation. I work with Dr. Saya at defymedical and we have made some good adjustments, but its going to be a bit before my next appointment and I wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences.

So, first off, I’m a morbidly obese male, 6’ 1, 450lbs. I was taking a large doseage of testosterone before starting with Defymedical. I was injecting 1.25ml of 200mg/ml weekly. I was started on 60mg 3 times a week (0.3ml of the 200mg/ml, assuming i have the math right) I have since had my dose increased and am now doing 0.3ml (60mg) of the 200mg/ml every other day, 350 (closer to 360 due to the markings on my syringe) of HCG, and 0.25 arimidex 3 times a week.

My situation seems to be ,at this point, the timing of the arimidex. On the week where my arimidex and injections are on the same day, I feel best. So, for example, I take arimidex on MWF and inject on M W F Sun, I feel pretty good. Then, if I take the arimidex on MWF but i’m injecting tues, thurs, saturday…i dont feel nearly as good. Increase in anxiety to some degree, decrease in libido. I discussed this with the PA and he recommended two options…either I switch and just move the arimidex to T TH SAT one week, MWF the next (and so on)… OR inject test one day, then HCG the next, and keep alternating that and leave the arimidex on the MWF schedule.

My SHBG is usually around 17-18 at most. My estradiol (sensitive) was 20 until I went to the every other day injection and it went up to 24 , which isnt earth shattering.

I havent yet found the sweet spot and I’m wondering what you guys think I should try? My biggest concern is that the effects of TOO much arimidex can cause some of the symptoms of low T, so I dont want to haphazardly be taking the medication in an ineffective manner. For example…if I took the pills on T Thur, Sat, I’d be taking another pill on Mon, Wed, Fri the week after…and I’ve have long periods of 3-4 days where I wouldnt be taking the pill versus taking the pill a day or so after. If i’ve confused anyone, I apologize…I will absolutely clarify anything. Thanks for the opinions!

It would seem you feel best when taking your AI together with your injections, maybe you could take .125 EOD with your injections or inject T M/W/F and take the AI M/W/F.

You may require less AI when increasing the frequency of dosing.

My SHBG was 22 the last time I checked and I seem to do best the higher the injection frequency. I do pretty good on an EOD protocol and as I move injections further apart I seem to lose the benefits of TRT.

If I go from an EOD protocol to a twice weekly protocol, muscle go soft and experience little benefit from TRT.


An E2 of 20-24 sounds spot on with an SHGB of 17-18
I would not complicate my protocol so much.
I would pic the schedule that you feel the best and do it every week.
It is pretty amazing at 450lbs all the E2 your body is making and yet Defy has your’s righ in the sweetspot for a low SHGB guy.

I hope you are working on diet and exersize as well. TRT is not a magic bullet it is one 3rd of the triangle.

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I totally agree. Definitely working on diet and excercise. I’ve had about a 40ish lb weight loss thus far so I’m working on it!

I’m trying to find the sweet spot as i discussed above with the arimidex so i’m toying with all sorts of protocols lol. I like the idea that systemlord said. I noticed a great improvement with EOD test/hcg combo. I’m just trying to figure out when the best day to take the arimidex would be if each week im injecting differently because its going MWFSun, Tues thurs saturday, mon w f sun, over and over. So one week my arimidex is not coinciding with the injections and one week it is. Perhaps lowering the dose of arimidex and increasing the frequency would help too…i have the 0.25 capsules from Empower though so I cant split them myself.

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I felt best on a daily protocol, estrogen was lower versus EOD. I get strange skin issues on a daily protocol.

Hmm interesting… What kinda issues if I may ask? I was thinking of trying the daily injection but doing test one day then hcg the next and alternating like that… per defy’s recommendation.

I just don’t think I can deal with the pain of daily test injections… Unless I went with insulin syringes. I use like 27g 1 1/2 needles for IM testosterone because I wasn’t sure subq was workin for me. I do subq hcg though.

My skin turns red like I’m sunburnt and no one knows why, it’s unique to me as I’ve never heard of anyone with similar problems.

I just started using 29 gauge syringes.

Jsut take the ai with the injection. Don’t worry about what days. Just remember when you take an injection this is when u need to dose ai.

Have you checked liver and other markers like insulin to make sure everything else is lowering as your progress… if you can get the liver to work more efficiently you’ll see benefits across the board. also gut health will help. I’d look at everything to make sure my weight loss is as effective as possible.

Glad your are moving towards health and away from the old life: congrats to you sir !!

IMO that is way to complicated. Why not just do M/W/F/S every week.
Alternating days is really not doing anything. The halflife of T cyp is like 8 days and it take 40 days to reach a steady state so your always changing every other week isn’t really doing anything. If you think it is I am pretty sure that is a placebo effect.

Here’s some lite reading to help you understand how this T and anastrozole works.

99% of people on TRT don’t realize that after 5 half lives of any medication, you will have double the amount in your system. Just multiply the half life of a medication by 5, and this will give you how long it will take to reach a “steady state” of a medication a.k.a double the amount of that medication in your system compared to your first dose. This is why so many boys crash their E2 with anastrozole. You are taking 1mg but in 10 days you have 2 mg in your blood.

For example, half life of Arimidex is 2 days. So 5x2 equals 10. So on the 10th day of taking Arimidex regularly, you will of reached the steady state of the Arimidex in your system. Here is how long it will take to reach a steady state for common medications:

Testosterone Cyp (Half life 8 days) - Steady state in 40 days
Arimidex (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days
Aromasin (Half life 1 day) - Steady state in 5 days
HCG (Half life 2 days) - Steady state in 10 days.
Clomid ( Half life 6 days) - Steady state in 30 days.
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Here’s how that halflife and steady state works for your T injections.
So if you took 100mg of test cyp/ week, the milligrams in your body would constantly be increasing until roughly 40 days go by.
That means at 40 days, you will have 200mg in your system, not 100mg anymore. So if you don’t feel anything that great even after a few weeks on a specific dosage of testosterone, just be patient. Your total testosterone should constantly be increasing from day one until day 40.

So with test cyp, only make dosage changes after 40 days of being on that specific dosage and frequency. This is why people always say it takes testosterone sometimes 3-6 weeks to “kick in”. It has to do with your receptors getting acclimated to these new testosterone levels, but it also has to do with the fact that maybe that 100mg in your system when you started didn’t really make you feel that great or raise your testosterone levels high enough, but after 40 days (5 weeks), you now have 200mg in your system and your total testosterone should now be doubled from when you first started, and this amount of milligrams in your system might be just what you needed to feel good and get your numbers where they should be.

There is a 3rd part to this and it is the rate your body motabilizes the T as it is released from its oil and your blood cleves it. But I’ll wait and see if what I have posted so far is the least bit interesting.

Where do u usually inject?

I alternate between shoulders and quads.

Yes i’ve been checking everything across the board! Thx very much for the input. I was started on metformin to cut down on insulin resistance since i’m pre-diabetic. Been working on a lot of stuff. My issue with taking the AI with the injections is that i’m taking injections every other day, so my AI dose will increase from being 3 times a week to every other day, which can cause my E2 to be too low and cause similar low T symptoms according to defy…thats why ive been nervous

Thank you very much for the input. I was going to ask the doc if I could do MWFS. That way, i’m taking arimidex MWF and i would only miss the AI over the weekend and it would probably feel just fine. I work in the medical field so I appreciate the posts and I do find them interesting.

So take your ai 3 days then skip a dose and then start again. Every fourth shot. So every 8 days , put it in your calendar. Don’t take ai today.

Or just take .125 every shot. Maybe you don’t need to drop it so much. Estrogen will help if it stays at a good level. If you can’t take it every shot your probably taking to much anyways :slight_smile: