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Timing AI Dose Based on Peak in E

It seems that the general consensus is to dose your AI on an EOD schedule to maintain steady E2 levels. After reading Dr. Crisler’s protocol for dosing HCG, I’m wondering if dosing your AI based on T=>E peaks would be of any benefit. I know one clinic that is using a E5D TRT protocol. Day 1: HCG. Day 2: 100mg test, 1mg Adex.

Does this make sense when you consider Adex half life and the timing of peak serum E2 levels? I’m not looking for a critique in specific clinic protocols, but rather some theories on timed doses based on peaks and half-lives rather than an EOD schedule.

The problem with this is you really have no idea when the peak occurs due to differences in how people metabolize the T/hcg once it is injected. An injection might hit the bloodstream almost immediately in one person, but take a day or so to metabolize in another.

Not only that, but you wouldn’t necessarily take the adex right at the peak anyway since it takes a while for it to kick in and start working. So you would have to take it before the peak. How much before? No clue.

There are too many variables and too much guesswork to really try to hit this moving target. That’s why a more constant T dosing protocol is recommended–once you have that squared away with little fluctuation in serum levels, hcg and adex dosing falls into place nicely.