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Timer with Multiple Intervals?

Does anyone know where one of these can be purchased(handheld one,not the iphone apps)?
I already have the gymboss timer but its not the best because you can only program two different time sets.I am on the lookout for one with four or five.

I’m not too familiar with the GymBoss but from what I’ve heard that’s the best one.

There are watches though that will do quite a few different things.

Timex makes a lot of watches with interval timers and they can count up to 100 intervals I believe…I had one 6 or 7 years ago that could so they must have better ones now.

I have a Casio G-Shock that can do intervals but stops after it’s done 5 sets.

Here’s the specs on the Casio:

Here’s a video of a Timex Ironman watch. It says that it can keep going with the intervals as long as you like, but I don’t know if it counts them for you. That’d be best as I lose track what with me focused on breathing/not dying.

With my Casio I do it till it stops and I know I did 5 sets.

Good man Nards.I will have a gander at a few of those watches.Yeah the gymboss gets great reviews but with only two differently timed intervals I dont think its much cop.Will be relegating it to the bin if these watches come good