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i have been takeing a mass cycle of anavol, aminovol, and t3. van anyone tell me the max amount of time i can be on it before haveing to come off and if so for how long. im also takeing in 250 grams of protien and 3100 calories a day. thanx


from my own personal experience anything over 14 weeks is to long, as appitite will increase to the point of no return and you will usually start to fell very emotional or mood swings.
aswell as monsterous strength gains. as for mass gains, only time will tell.


First of all, how is T3 a part of your mass cycle? We are talking about the same thing here right?

Second of all, dont you think you should have asked these questions before you started using this stuff?

3rd of all I dont know how anyone can listen to advice from this raul dude. since in one thread hes talking about how much gear to use, and in another he wants to know when his body is going to start to look like a bodybuilders. Dude if you dont know wtf you are talking about then quit offering advice.


oh, duh. i thought he said anavar(boldedone)
silly me.