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Timeline for TRT Results


I have been low on T for about 1 year. It started with an OTC supplement that shut me down and then overexercising that sealed the deal. I have seen some improvements such as a return of body hair, but I still don't feel healthy 13 months later.

I injected 100mg T cyp 4 days ago. About 2 days after the injection, I felt different, but not really in a good way. I felt fatigued and weak. I have only been prescribed 100mg/2wk. We all know that this is entirely inadequate. I am working on getting 100mg/wk and will break it up into 2 50mg injections/wk.

Today I feel just ok. I am beginning to wonder if the depression and anxiety I experience is from the hormonal problems or if the entire situation has just worn me out psychologically.

So my question is: how long does it take to see results from TRT?

I am looking for personal experiences. It's definitely way too early in my case to reach any conclusions, but this past year has been very painful and I just want some relief.



could have put in 200 mg for first shot to get kick startd. dopamine kick last for about to weeks then eventually fades. Telling you potentially you are shooting your self in the foot because since adrenals are weak. TRT is only going to drive it down lower. Sometimes people look for the quick fix, but it will never result in a long term solution. You can lead a horse to water...


I just want to know...what is the mechanism by which external testosterone drives down cortisol? You are the only person that I have ever heard make this claim. I need you to find me the legitimate scientific literature whether it be in a medical textbook, etc.

I have been under the impression that if anything, it (T) will help. Testosterone should help decrease inflammation and therefore decrease the need for cortisol from the adrenal glands. But even that is a less than scientific assertion. I want these claims to be backed up by some evidence rather than throwing around these woo woo assertions that nobody has ever heard of.


WOO WOO assertation you been hanging around scally too long. After being on TRT for many years still feeling like crap and everything else in check it was not until adrenals. Adrenals where low before TRT and my serum levels dropped down to am of 6 while on TRT and they were low before i went on. I got worse untill adrenal were healed then I finally recovered Look up dr mariano he is where I learned 70% of my information from. He is one of the most brillant man out there when it comes to adrenals. Mark from now till 3 months then come back and tell me if you have or have not improved. Gh helps adrenal heal. HCG can stimulate adrenal pathways which is why you may have had adverse reactions because you had no reserve to draw from. When you get e and T stabilized for 3-4 months and still have not improved then you have your answer. Cortisol is primary hormones needed to help deal with information not testosterone. People can survive with out testosterone they die with out cortisol..Known fact. I do not think testosterone or E2 is your issue but not having enough cortisol reserve to deal with inflammation. I be looking at tumeric and looking at your cytokins and immune system to see why you are chewing cortisol up as primary source.


RE Original Poster: I feel your pain dude and 100mg every two weeks is not the answer. For me the first week was great, beginning of the second week started to feel like crap and by Friday I felt dead. My doctor switched me to 200mg every two weeks and I feel much better, the only problem is that my ass looks like swiss cheese. LOL

When do you go back for a follow-up blood test? If you can work it out to go the week after you take it so you have the results to show your doc that this schedule isn't working for you it may help a bit.


Not everyone has weak adrenals. Some questions would resolve that.

Some T has direct effects, but mostly it needs to be transported to the nuclei of the cells where gene expression is altered that the affects the function of cellular machinery. That takes time, then bulk tissues start to change, then other things follow, some of which are mental that respond to changed brain function. Results can be faster or slower. Co-morbidities can limit the effects and estrogen can blunt/block the overall effects of T as well.