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Timeframe for Metabolic Drive?

I have a hopefully simple question about Metabolic Drive Low Carb.

After mixing it with water, is there a time frame I have to consume it in?

I used to have a protein powder with a label that stated it had to be consumed within 30 minutes after mixing with water.

Reason I am asking this is because I am going to start the V-Diet, and I may have long days at college which would require me to bring 2-3 shakes which could sit in my bag for 5 hours.

I’m in the exact same situation as you, and instead of carrying premixed shakes i just carry premeasured doses of powder to take with me to school. Just get yourself a big bottle of water to carry around, refill as needed, buy yourself a full sized Blender Bottle, and a couple of those jar-type Ziploc containers.

Yeah bring a couple of pre-measured containers in a gym / book bag, and just shake em up when you need them. Having a funnel in that gym bag helps at times also.

You can buy really small ziploc style (i.e. generic) bags that are just big enough for 2 scoops of powder. I keep a few of these in my car, gym bag, and in my desk at work. They are cheap (50ct for $2.50), and don’t take up any space. If I am on the go, I just buy a bottle of water drink a bit of it, dump in the powder, shake , and drink.

Thanks, I will be buying a nice blender bottle and some bags.

[quote]Joris wrote:
Thanks, I will be buying a nice blender bottle and some bags.[/quote]

I usually don’t use a blender for my protein shakes. Usually just shaking up the protein with some water works just fine. Most brands of protein I have tried recommend MORE water than you need. For better taste and texture, I usually mix 10-12oz of water for one scoop and around 16oz for two scoops.

Blender tips:

Protein/carb = whey powder, ffyogurt, frozen berrys. (it’s great fozen)

Protein/fat = whey powder, cottage cheese, natty pb. If you are using chocolate whey, it has the texture AND taste of the inside of a Reeces cup

Cinnibon = cottage cheese, cinniman, nutmeg. Tastes just like a cinnibon and has the texture of warm custard. Add some natty pb for a thicker texture. For more protein add vanilla whey.

Cheesecake = cottage cheese, sugar free instant cheesecake pudding mix. It’s not technically clean - but the pudding mix has almost no calories (or ANY nutrients). You can add milk if you want to cut the texture a bit. Add frozen berries to taste. For more protein add vanilla whey.

oh…you said blender BOTTLE. I’ll just leave the recipes up there, someone will get a use out of them.

When I am at home I use a normal blender.

mm I am going to try those recipes, thanks.

Makes sense to just put the scoops in empty shaker bottles and fill them up with water from the faucet when it’s time. Pretty damn heavy to lug about 10 lbs. of shakes all day.