Timed Sets

I was wondering if anyone has tried a ‘timed set’ approach with heavy weights. I have read the superman sets article by CT, but the weights mentioned are very light and are focused on power development. I have tried that in the past and it worked pretty well. Basically like sprinting 60s and seeing how you improve from 400m to 440m.

I have just tried AGVT and then TBT the last several months. AGVT in particular focuses on a 4s eccentric contraction with explosive concentric resulting in ~20s TUT.

My idea is is try TBT again but with a ‘natural’ tempo and use the heaviest weight that i can move at that natural tempo for a certain number of seconds. As soon as I can comfortably do all the sets at that number of seconds i up the weight, regardless of the number of reps i actually performed during that time. For instance with my ‘natural’ tempo (101) I have performed about 11 reps at 80% but If i used a 201 tempo i get about 7 both are roughly 20 seconds of TUT but the ‘natural’ tempo has more concentric reps which CW seems to prefer anyways.

SO, I am thinking of 20s, 40s and 60s as being my durations with 85-80%, 75-70%, 65-60%. Any opinions? Thanks!