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Timea! Timea! Timea!

YowEEE!!! Anyone check out the “Tigress” pic of Timea Majorova in the “March Ironman?” Pretty hot! Something I noticed, though. She has that beautiful, symmetrical, muscular physique of the EIGHTIES bodybuilders!(She has struggled lately with fitness competition; Ryan et.al seem to blow her away with the gymnastics). But looks, symmetry and beautiful muscle? No one is CLOSE! Any thoughts?

Timea is easily my favorite fitness athlete. Although she won the Hungarian Fitness show, her placing of number 5 in Olympia seems unreasonable. She does not have a great routine, but I was always under the impression that the fitness and physique rounds were weighted the same. And can someone explain to me how Susie Curry could place higher in the physique rounds than Timea? Somethings sticks in Denmark!! If the IFBB ever has Figure as a Pro sport, perhaps Timea will move over and win more shows like she should.

She would probably be a great bodybuilder too, but she does not seem to want to go that way.

I wish she would be at the Fitness International, but alas, not this year.

God, how I hate the Weiders.

And Ronnie winning the O with that gut??? Can you say fix?

I agree…it seems like Timea has the more “marketable” physique. I think that it’s proven. She shows up in more pictorials and appears to have more sponsers than a lot of the “winners” combined (I have no data to support that; but it sure APPEARS that way).

Also…it’s seems like the more “Cory Everson-ish” physique really got a lot of women in the gym (starting in the 80’s) because it was such a beautiful aesthetic. (I’ve heard it described as “Living Greek Statues”). I don’t know why it is that with the women, the judges have pushed it to two extremes;the huge, ripped women OR the “stringy” gymnast (as one writer descibed it.)The women appear to always be caught in some “no-man’s-land” in terms of judging criteria. Mufasa

Mufasa man, what exactly do you mean looks??? She, and all the fitness chicks(the pros at least), look so god damn manly!!!
Sorry for the rant, I don’t mean to judge your taste in women or anything, I am just surprised, I guess, how different two peoples’ tastes can be.

I saw her contest pics & it looked like she had a bit too much muscle (not that I don’t like girls who are in shaape). Then I saw some of her ‘swimsuit’ stuff & she looked a lot better. Veronica Zemanova is still my favorite though.

No problem!..it’s all good…(Timea is still hot, though!)

Interesting…a few years ago, a Fitness competitor went BALLISTIC after a competition that she lost, when it was becoming obvious that the judges were leaning toward larger, more muscular women (I want to say it was Donelly…but I can’t rememeber…)

Anyway…she was really raked over the coals in the Mags…but what she noticed was prophetic…AND she was right! Now the competitors are LARGER than the bodybuilders of the eighties, with a much more “harsh” look. And just like Fitness was a response to the publics waning interest in Women’s bodybuilding, they now find themselves scrambling to create a “Fitness Physique Division” (or some such spin off) in response to the harsher look and gymnastics contest…

Agree…Timea is probably “on the edge”…but her (and a few of the other competitors) have managed to maintain their marketability…