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Time Warner Dropping HDNet

Time Warner Cable confirmed Monday it will stop offering HDNet and HDNet Movies across all of its systems effective May 31. The move by Time Warner Cable, which has 8.7 million digital cable subscribers, is a blow to the Mark Cuban-backed HDNet, which was among the first HD services available to cable and satellite operators.

Asked why the company was dropping HDNet’s services, Time Warner Cable director of corporate public relations Robyn Watson said, "There’s a limited appeal for the programming.

Cuban, in an e-mail to Multichannel News, said he would not comment “on ongoing negotiations.” However, he took issue with Time Warner Cable’s characterization of HDNet’s programming as lacking appeal.

"[T]here are millions of viewers who enjoy our unique and exclusive programming," Cuban wrote, adding that "we are not a cookie-cutter network like those from the big media conglomerates" and claiming that HDNet's viewers "do business with providers specifically to get our progamming."

Damn…this was pretty much the only broadcast that was worth watching…at least,for me it was. No more Inside MMA…K-1 Classics…etc. Oh well.

Also,am I the only one that sees the irony in the statement: “In a world with more than 100 HD channels, being in HD is not enough. We are adding other channels in HD to give our customers more choice.”

Remember,they’re dropping HDNet due to “limited appeal”…yet they are supposedly replacing it with this MAV TV crap:

I think what did this in was that you had to subscribe to it and pay extra for it, if it was part of the sports package or channels then more people would have watched it.

In my area, I used to get Strikeforce on NBC, but they have since replaced it with a fucking Wine show.

WHAT! Time Warner sucks! Their Customer Service sucks! And now this?!! To hell with them, AT&T U-Verse, here I come…