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Time Travel


Ooooooh snap


I once saw a documentary about Michael J. Fox time traveling back in time to when he could hold a cup of coffee with no lid and didn't spill a drop...


Wonder how good the service was back then.


I got to 0:19, what about you guys?


wow. thats some strange shit. MAybe the women was crazy.lol


Vid wont come up... what's it called so I can look it up?


Hm, but obviously a time traveller wouldn't use a cell back then, they would no there are no towers to call anyone? He should have went with some form of inter space technology allowing one to hear through worm holes.


OpieRadio has been pushing this all week on Twitter. Whatever it is, it's weird.


it is probably some where's waldo type random backround comedy.


Probably a hearing aid.



This ^

Notice how he gives his explanation before showing the clip which gives the viewer a pre-conceived notion of the object in question. Also notice that he's an aspiring filmmaker that plugs his work in the beginning of his video.

Have you ever seen those clips of animals that "talk?" The owner will say the word first and your mind will perceive the sound the animal makes as that word.


I don't understand...people believe that some lady holding her hand to the side of her face is evidence of time travel? That's what that 8 minute video was about?


Pretty much


Oh, well in that case I am sold.



Its an anachronism. Extras do it a lot. They don't follow direction very well and will wear watches that didn't exist at the time period being portrayed.


Ive been traveling time forever, son!


but would you guess this clip to me a picture that representation of the time travellers?


Someone somewhere else commented on this video saying that she must be a time traveler from near our time then because she's still holding the phone to her head. If she were a time traveler you'd think she'd have some smaller Bluetooth variety deal in her ear.



GW already solved the mystery, "Check it -- I've got a much simpler (and correcter) explanation, and it goes like this: women, by nature, are talkers. And -- given nobody else to talk to, will even talk to themselves. This woman's probably having a make-believe convo with a shoe or makeup case. BOOM, case closed."


I wish I could travel back in time, to where I never had opened this thread.