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Time to Wake Up?


It has been a few years since I've been in these parts and a fair piece of life has happened (knee rehab, juvenile delinquent son saga, divorce, depression, sleep apnea, intense job commitment) culminating in what may be the event of my professional career. (google NASA Orion Launch)

Now I'm 53 and was 260 lbs on december 28th when I decided that just maybe I should take care of myself again. Between shoveling snow, scraping ice from the driveway and counting calories I've managed to shed enough H2O weight to get to 248 lbs.

Starting in on a 5-3-1 program because it is simple and fits with my time available.

I guessed at maxes to start.
MP = 65# (pitiful but still have shoulder issues)
Squat = 225# (probably light but that's good right now)
Bench = 135# (same as squat - light)
Deadlift = 225# (no real idea but the old surgery has been bugging me)

Started Tuesday with MPs and did 60# x 10 on the money set not pushing much

Squats on Thursday after an ellipitical "warm-up" that was harder than it should have been. Stuck with the minimum 160# x 5 for the final set. Felt OK, depth wasn't regulation but with the knee still saying hello here and there, I'm not pushing it.


ps - hello to all the familiar and/or changed handles out there.


Welcome back! I’m glad to see you posting again.


What up Dog!!! welcome back to the neighborhood…


Hey solo dog. Good to see you again. Looking forward to following your training. (formerly ecogenx)


Hey stranger!

You gonna do another PLing meet?

I’ve been following your involvement with the Orion launch. Wow.


Soldog is back…I knew you would show up someday. Former ‘Zildjianman’ here. Glad to have another Colorado lifter back onboard. And ‘ecogenx’ too? Groovy.

Onward and upward.


Thanks for the welcome back folks!

Snapper: not sure I will do another PL meet. The time commitment and the BP meds I currently take are two strikes right away. Ask me again after I run a cycle of 5-3-1. My current goal is mainly body recomp because the FFB of 3-4 years ago became a FB again.

Bench today starting with 10 minutes on the elliptical warm-up & shoulder rehab exercises.
90#x5 & DB rows 72.5#x10 each arm
110#x5 (should have bee 105#) & DB rows 72.5#x10 each arm
115#x10 & DB rows 72.5#x10 each arm

Then I went out and scraped the packed snow & ice on the top of my driveway for 40 minutes.

I also feel those squat muscles from Thursday’s workout as minimal as it was. Haven’t really lifted for 3 years



Welcome back! Wondered what the hell happened with you.


[quote]hawkcapt1912 wrote:
Welcome back! Wondered what the hell happened with you.[/quote]

well one word pretty much sums that up! - LIFE (it come with ups and downs as we all know)


Feeling the whole body now - lol

15 minute warm-up - elliptical, shoulder rehab
Sumo deads

started snowing and I didn’t feel like going outside so 30 minutes on the elliptical.

The first week of counting calories and working out resulted in 5 lbs lost, that water weight dropped right off with the sodium reduction
Weight = 247


welcome back soldog!

good to see you here


Monday 1/12 30 min elliptical moderate intensity

Tuesday 1/13 10 min elliptical warm-up & shoulder rehab

MP 3x50
MP 3x55
MP 3x60

Orange band seated pull-downs 2x8

Easy day still trying to wake up what muscle is left…


Caught a bug for a few days and now I’m headed out of town for a week…


[quote]soldog wrote:
Caught a bug for a few days and now I’m headed out of town for a week… [/quote]

…there is some stuff in your driveway waiting for you…it’s cold, and it’s heavy, and it doesn’t care what you think…
But at least your still in Colorado !

Be careful up there, and happy lifting.