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Time to Use Different Exercises?


I am new to lifting and have been lifting for strength at reps of 8 6 5 5 3 and did 3 different exercises, however i am now switching to reps of 15 12 and 10 should i now do more different exercises to stay at 12 sets?


er what?


I think what he's saying is:

He currently lifts in the 3-5 and 6-8 rep range, 4 sets per exercise, 3 exercises (12 total sets).
He wants to start lifting in the 10-12 and 15 rep ranges and wants to know how to adjust his sets.

Problem is we have no idea what his goals are, what exercises he is using or what intensity he is lifting at in those rep ranges. Maybe with a little more information (and a minute spent making sure that his next post is readable) we could give him some useful advice.


Why would you switch to weights that are below 70% of your 1 Rep Max? They're not going to do anything for strength development.

Stick with weights that you can lift for twelve reps or less, preferably 1-5 for strength/hypertrophy or 6-10 for hypertrophy/strength.

Read through the stickies at the top of this forum. I know it's a lot of reading, but it's well worth it for a stark beginner.


sorry about the confusing phrasing atg 410 was right on with what i meant and im trying to cut some weight and cut up, so how many sets total should i do? is what i was asking. Duly noted i will stick to 12 then and will hit up the stickies up top also.


Cutting is done with diet and cardio/high intensity training. If you want to keep what muscle you have, you need to keep the heavy lifting. Higher reps to 'cut up' is a bullshit myth perpetrated by people who didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

Lift heavy. If you're trying to lose fat, keep your caloric intake lower than your maintenance calorie requirement. You can do that by cutting some calories, or by increasing your output (cardio and/or high intensity). DO NOT try to burn more calories by lifting lighter weights for higher reps. That's a sure way to lose muscle.


dont i need to change the amount of reps i do to change a cycle because aren't you suppose to switch it up every month or so. Or is that just like to change the type of workouts you do and at the certain paces?


You could go by how you feel. Can you handle more volume?


Keep going as long as you're progressing, don't switch shit up just b/c the bell rang.


alright sounds good


You should only change things for a specific reason. Eg, not progressing in weight. Joints hurting. Muscles getting worked unevenly. (also note that exercise selection is only one possible cause for some of these things, so sometimes it STILL isn't necessary to change exercises)

No need to change for the hell of it.

edit: I see some other posts were added since I opened the thread lol.

/beating dead horse


thanks learned alot guys