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Time to unvail

T Freques–
Soon you will be able to put a face to vain68–I have been updating my website now that I have finished some of the graphics for it and will be completing a page devoted to bb’ing where i will post some pics i would like critiqued etc. Also may post for dl something like a food log designed in Excel for all to see and use (Maybe not if i could make some coin)
the website is: www.geocities.com/mrvain68

its optimized for 1024 by 768 so if your monitor is a bit smaller, i apologize–

Muf/3LT---I got a few questions i was hoping to discuss over email with you guys...if you go to the site and click on Beats, the email is there---send me a shout and I'll explain what I have ?'s on (BB'ing stuff of course)

Dude, you’ve “exceeded your allocated data transfer.”


“We want pictures! We want pictures!” Btw. is that rave ticket written partially in Dutch?

T Freakazoids
I must apologize but apparently becuase i was updating the cite so much and the pictures are so large, my data allocation has been exceeded…anyway, it should allow viewing shortly (the email says)…I am going to scan the pics tonight, and they will be ready to go as soon as the site lets me back on board…if anybody knows of good free server space let this cat know.
Axy: Yeah it is…you know me, huge trance-nrg fan and dj myself—its pretty much all I listen to.

Don’t you live in the San Diego area or was it Riverside? Anyways, so you spin,… what is the name you DJ under? Are there any big parties that you’ve spun at? I used to “party” a lot when I lived in So. Cal and was wondering if maybe I’ve heard you before. BTW I live in the Bay Area now. Do you know any good Trance DJs up here, because I’m lost as far as the party scene up here. J

the pics are posted–hopefully no more “allocated transfer issues”…let me know what you think.
Later Vain

James==I do not life out in cali, i was just vacationing in the San Fran area–there are a few good clubs up there that I suggest you check out—I go by the stage name of DJ GLobe and right now its just local here in Erie, PA at a bar—you see, in this neck of the woods–trance is growing slowly and its not like the scene in Florida, Cali, and other places in the U.S.–so its like, i got to play the garbage hip hop in between or before my real passion or else the crowd gets uneasy…
Check out Club Spundae in San Fran.

It still does not work.

Axy—it should work, i just tried it and it was fine on my computer----remember it is optimized for 1024—768 resolution but that shouldn’t make a difference—

you have lil nipples…

Great job :slight_smile: Keep it up!

How long you been working out? You look like a normal person flexing! hehe