Time to Think Long Term

Hi Chaps. After the recent deaths of many well known bodybuilders, and even a few local meatheads, all below 55 I’ve decided it’s time to start looking after myself before I joint the heart attack statistics.
Little bit of background info on myself, 35 years old and have competed in over 200 kickboxing fights (55kg later moving up to 70kg), I’ve played rugby and in more recent years got into bodybuilding. A few years ago I weighed 111kg so I’m obviously no stranger to PEDs but along my journey I’ve picked up a TON of injuries over the last 20 years. These including:

*Multiple broken knuckles and dislocated fingers
*broken wrist (x3)
*broken ankle
*fractured patella
*separated shoulder
*3 different herniated discs
*QL tear
*tendonitis in right bicep & tricep

It’s fair to say I’ve got a few miles on the clock! I’m currently recovering from yet another herniated disc so will have a couple more weeks off from training. My current stats are;

  • Weight: 99kg
  • BP: 138/75
  • RHR: 61BPM
  • Cholesterol: 6.36
  • HDL: 0.7 mmol/L
  • LDL: 2.99 mmol/L
  • Testosterone:10.5nmol/L
  • Arms: 17.5 inches
  • Chest: 49 inches
  • Quads: 29 inches
  • Calves: 16.5 inches
  • Waist: 41 inches
  • BF: 18%

My goals for the next 6 months are;

  • Reduce BF to 14%
  • Reduce waist to 36 inches
  • Improve HDL
  • Maintain muscle
  • Heal elbow tendonitis

Blood pressure should return to normal as I drop body fat. I’m currently running PCT from my last cycle so test and HDL levels are still a bit on the low side but slowly improving. I know from experience it takes me a while to recover from even a modest test cycle (500mg/week x8 weeks) so within the next month I’d expect test and HDL to be back to normal.

I’m giving myself 6 months to make improvements rather than 6 weeks because gradual, small changes are more sustainable for me than rapid, extreme ones.

I’ll be making regular updates along the way with diet and training (and probably more injuries!!) but this is more of a log to myself, to keep a record of my goals and progression as well as any mistakes I make along the way. I’m more interested in living a long life than winning Mr O so let’s see how I get on!


Sounds like you know what you have to do as lipids and BP need to improve as you stated. My advice is to get a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan/Score. It measures the calcified plaque via a heart scan. It will help identify your risk better than just lipid panels.

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Cheers mate I’ll look into that