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time to take inventory

alright fellow meatheads. whose on what? we havent done one of these threads for a while. what are your current(or recently passed) cycles looking like? what did you like and not like? what will you change for next cycle? we are all accumulating great first hand info everytime we do an injection. lets throw some of our first hand experience out there for the newbies to learn from.

Have not touched the stuff in a year. Damn, has it been that long already?

I am CURRENTLY in the 3rd week of this cycle:

Week 1 & 2:
Sustanon - 750mg per week (3 amps MWF)
Fina/Tren - 75mg everyday
Anadrol 50 - 50mg per day (1 tab)

Week 3 to 6:
Sustanon - 750mg per week (3 amps MWF)
Fina/Tren - 75mg everyday
Dianabol - 30mg per day (6 tabs)
Insulin - 10 UIs twice per day (10 IUs upon wakening & 10 IUs post-workout)
GH - 4 IUs per day (upon wakening with Insulin)

Week 7 & 8:
Sustanon - 750mg per week (3 amps MWF)
Fina/Tren - 75mg everyday
Dianabol - 30mg per day (6 tabs)

NOTES: The Anadrol was replaced with Dianabol in week 3 because the Anadrol is WAY too toxic and strong. It is only used in the first two weeks for a quick gain in strength and weight until the Sustanon fully kicks in. The Insulin and GH are added in week 3 because the Sustanon should have reached peak levels by then. A high-carb/high-protein shake is taken with every Insulin injection (100g of simple carbs/50g of protein). The simple carbs are necessary to prevent any chance of hypoglycemia. Two types of Insulin are being used: 1. Humulin-R, which is long acting and stays in the system for 8 hours only, and 2. Humalog, which is VERY fast acting and stays in the system for only 4 hours (it must be gone from my system before I go to sleep).

I’ve done quite a few cycles in the past, and this is my first using Anadrol. With all the horror stories behind it, I must say I am QUITE pleased with what the A-bombs did for me (and I still have all my hair LOL). I start my GH and Insulin this Wednesday.

I’m currently at 266 lbs. I expect to break 275 lbs with this cycle… my first time ever!! I’m totally stoked.

Oh BTW, if things work out great with this cycle, I plan to up my next bulking cycle. I’ll probably hit a full gram of test per week next time, and add in a frontload. If I like my GH at 4IUs, I’ll stick to it. If not, I’m uping it to 6IUs next cycle.

jesus h christ mass! how tall are you? are you some kind of fucking lumberjack or something?

btw, im simply high on life right now!

its not a high, its a big ole lie!!!

LOL P-dog. I’m 6’1. Don’t ask me my BF%. I figure if I can still see vascularity and striations in my delts even with the bloat from the Anadrol, then I should be fairly lean. I’ll be posting some pics in the near future to show the progress of this cycle.

Ok, I am on a very long cycle in prperation for a show in June. I started in Jan with a gram/cyp, still on that, Eq @525mg/week, dbol@50mg/day (six weeks) and tren at 75mg day (started that around week 2-mid feb.

Back on tren as of last thurs @100mg/day, started deca about 2 weeks before I stopped the eq, the deca is 900mg/week. and still on a gram of cyp, also started up the dbol again, that will only be for 3 weeks, then hitting winny for 3 weeks. I will be stopping the deca soon and adding eq, I never thought I got much from eq, but now that it is completely out of my system, I am dissapointed that I am less veiny.

About 5 weeks before the show I will start masteron, get back on winny, tren, and prop. not sure if I will add anavar or not, also will be on T3 and eca.

My weight is exactly the same as the begining of the cycle but I am significantly leaner. Cant go wrong with that.

I’m on 750mg test/wk, 300mg deca/wk, 30mg dbol/day.

So far, gained 19lbs mass, and gains are fairly lean (d/t Nolvadex @20mg/day). I’m in the 4th week of a 6 weeker.

Week 7 of a 10-12 weeker.
Week 1 1500 mgs test
800 mgs EQ
30 mgs D-bol
Week 2-5 750 mgs test
400 mgs EQ
30 mgs EQ
Weeks 5-10/12 750 mgs test
500 mgs winny
2on clen/2on ECA
Weeks 10/12-20-22 200 mgs primo

Gained about 15 lbs overall. + got my bodyfat down to 7%. First 5 weeks were massive eating and pendulum bb. Then I’ve cut for the past 2 weeks with the clen/eca. Didn’t like the clen at all at first but got somewhat used to it. That and it works WELL. First time with winny and I can’t say I like the sides too much. Could just be that QV is a shit product? Strength gains (when I can lift) are pretty damn impressive +decent vascularity. BTW that’s rare for me since I’m just not a vascular person.

I’ll continue to cut this week and train GVT 2000 (keeps me pumpe/full). Going to cut carbs down to 50 for the last 3-4 days before I go on vay-cay. Then carb up once I’m there. Then I’ll run the test/winny for another week/2 after I get back and eat massive again for probably 5 weeks or so.

O.k here is my current competition stack:

50mg of peru tech winstrol taken in the morning ed
20mg of nolvadex in morning ed
50 mg zambon winstrol in evening ed
75mg of tren in evening ed
100mg primo every second day
20mg nolvadex - evening ed

immediately after the contest I am front loading 2 grams of sust, gonna do 1 gram of sust a week for 6 weeks, first 3 weeks will stack with primo, and masteron, then add in dbol for 3 weeks, then remove the test and go with primo, masteron, halotestin for 2 weeks, then switch to tren and primo, masteron, for two weeks then add winstrol for the final 2-3 weeks leading into the next contest.
Will use femara for anti E -plan to gain 30-40 lbs in the next 6 weeks!

I’m on my wife. Time to get her pregnant once and for all.

Holy F Mass!
I’m wondering, if you cut yourself and a drop lands on a watermelon that watermelon wins the Blue Ribbon at the county fair. I’m figuring between that cycle and the food bill a 2nd job would nicely lol. And 275 @ 6’1? Do you enter the house through the garage door?

I just started my very first cycle a week ago.

I am running:

weeks 1-10: 750mgs of DRY TEST(RSOC)
weeks 1-10: 400mgs of EQ
weeks 1-5: 40mgs DBol ED (Blue hearts)

Pct IS IN ORDER and I have .67 milligrams of arimidex in each cc of test. I take three shots a week so thats about 1.8 milligrams of arimidex a week. I would like to run arimidex ED @.25mgs but I will just do it like this and keep he nolva on hand.

On a side note DAMN THE DBOL PUMPS ARE BAD ASS!!! :slight_smile:

Yes they are Freaky, yes they are :slight_smile:

On week 3 of a 12 week cycle in preparation for a competition in June.
1gram of sustanon
300mgs of Deca(I know, I know)
75mgs of anadrol for the first 4 weeks
20mgs of nolvadex
after week 4 till week 7:
1gr of sustanon
100mgs of tren ed
300mgs of Deca
20mgs of nolvadex
Week 7/12
1grm of sust
100mgs of tren ed
100mgs of winstrol ed
100mgs of Durabolin ed
100mgs of propionate ed
Clenbuterol 4 tabs
8 tabs of anavar continuing the clenbuterol in a two days on, two days off pattern.
40mgs of nolvadex divided in two dosages.

So far up 15lbs mostly because of the anadrol. Deca will be drop in favor of the much faster cousin Durabolin. At 6 feet, 257lbs I’m looking pretty full right now but after week 7 will start my cutter which has worked wonders in the past. This competition is not drug tested so I’m in Heaven.

After I go off I will use for the next three weeks:

insulin, GH(2ius/day) and injectable clenbuterol(2-3cc/day) and aTP. I will also stick with nolvadex but reduce it to 10mgs per day.

ROFL haktOne.

Yea, I work for food and gas money now. Some people say that Anadrol will supress appetite. Hell, I’ve been eating more since I started this cycle.

I might add that I’m also “cycling” my protein as well. I’m currently “protein loading” as my cycle progresses. When I started this cycle, I immediately bumped my protein intake by 40g per day. My intention is to bump my protein intake every 2 weeks while on this cycle. So, with me being in week 3 right now, I’ve bumped it again (in week 2), adding another 40g per day. Week 4 will be another bump and week 6 will be the last. That’s a 4-stage protein loading phase with a total of 160g protein increase by the time my cycle is finished. I’m already eating like a horse, so most of this is coming from shakes between meals. I just can’t consume that much in solid food anymore, no matter how many digestive enzymes I take.

I do these “protein loading” phases about 3 times a year, whether I’m on a cycle or not. I suggest giving it a try, you DEFINITELY see and feel a difference.

well i’m currently recovering from a Tren/test/dbol cycle that i LOVED. but in a few weeks i’m going to start a test/eq/dbol cycle and see how that goes

weeks 1-12 enanthate 800mgs
EQ 400mgs
weeks 1-5 dbol 30mgs ED

and thanks MASS, i’m definately going to try your “protein stack” approach and see how it goes

Ive finally got my gear together and will start this wk…Im doin a 1500mg sust/wk, 600mg eq, 50mg dbol for first3-4wks dependin on flu symptoms and if I run tren(which I love for strength) itll be 100mg/ED or EOD also dependin on flu symptoms…drago and rainbows aggressive style which I also have has made me curious to see how 1500mg sust will work…will be usin ndex and clomid, andro for post…also will be postin pic soon and after 1 for this cycle

There must be some HYOOOGE fuckers on this board!
The shit i have seen here make the stuff the guys i know look like replacement daosges, haha!
Is all this quite easy to get in the States? Or do y’all just buy up large when it’s for the picking and hoard the shit till you use it?
I might have to come to the states and drop the natural status :wink:

very nice cycles guys. props to all of you. some of those cycles were making my mouth water. i am currently in week 6 of a 10 weeker.

winny(oral) 90mgs/ed
t3-4 weeks on,4 off,4 back on at 100mcg
clen/eca’s on a 2 week rotation.

i have to say i am very please thus far. my weight hasnt changed much but my BF has dropped while i have added LBM. my strength is outrageous right now. muscle density has dramatically improved as well.