Time to Stop the Rot

I’m not looking to bore you guys with a sob story, I just have a few quick questions. After 6 months of messy life I’m looking to get back into regular, consistent training, and have decided to cut it right back to the Basic 531 for beginners.

Where you perform the main 531 lifts twice in a week ( Squat and Bench) do you repeat the same load, sets and reps for that week ?

Do you mix the assistance work in with the main lifts?

Will I burn in hell if I Press twice a week and Bench once a week?

Thanks in advance

Dai Rees

Welcome back!

In an earlier thread, titled 5/3/1 Beginner Template Assistance Exercises; Jim Posted this:

Also, check this out from his blog: The 5/3/1 Philosophy for Beginners

I think this will answer your questions about the assistance work and Bench/Press work.
As far as progression, I believe you would progress as normal: 555, 333, 531 every time you hit a lift…

Good Luck and have fun!

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